Dearest 23 Month Old

Hello Toddler…we’re going on holiday!! Oh yes, after almost 2 years we are braving it and going abroad. Some (a lot) of people are saying we’re crazy to be taking a toddler on a plane but I’m sure it’ll be fine. Millions of people do it every day, right? I’m sure it’ll be ..umm…we’ll see. I’m slightly concerned you hate sand though. A week on the beach. Hmmmm.

Anyhow, you said your first 3 word sentence this month, hurrah!! It was “Look At DAT!!!”… So so cute. You don’t actually say hundreds of words so I was getting a bit worried that you might be referred for speech therapy and planning on hiding under the window when they came round for your 2 year check so was pleasantly shocked when you said it. You also like asking “What da doing??!” very regularly. You tend to just babble through, unconcerned, through any words you don’t know and just gesture wildly. It’ll probably come in use on holiday in parts they don’t speak English.

You’ve also learned how to open the most difficult doors at your Aunts house. You’ve been opening every other door in your existence for a whole now but, one day recently when we came back from watching Skyfall, we were greeted with an almighty booming declaration of “HE OPENED OUR DOORS!!”. We stopped dead in our tracks, petrified at first…then registered what was bring said. It brought back a flash of Jurassic Park. You know, that scene where the dinosaurs learn to open the doors to the kitchen and people realise they are doomed. Doomed!! (Not that you are anything like a dinosaur, you understand? Although you do regularly mess all my pots and pans up! And last week you managed to flip the lid of the cooking oil and spill 2 litres all over the floor. Do you know how hard it was to clean that up? I was sliding around 2 days later despite having mopped it repeatedly).

You’re much more confident in yourself now and show a bit more determination if someone takes a toy from you. Our stance is still very much “share share” but that secret worrying part of me now worries a bit less about your self confidence. And maybe I won’t sign you up to karate classes just yet.

We are going to have to start organising your 2nd birthday party soon!! I’ve already seen the perfect cakes. (yep there’ll be two, again!), both are Sesane street related. Actually, I should probably order both today. And maybe the decorations…and maybe all the plates and stuff too. Argggh, let the party madness commence!

So until next time baby Toddler….mmmmmwah!

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11 thoughts on “Dearest 23 Month Old”

  1. That is so beautiful. What a great way of recording those special memories because it’s amazing how quickly those little details fade. BTW my girl was 23 months when she first said a three word sentence and she’s the brightest kid in her class! 🙂

  2. When you commented on Jenson’s 20months post I thought to myself that Z will be two very soon! Goodness I remember you planning his first birthday and party/ parties last year. How time flies. Even though they don’t say many words, they take it all in and then catch you out by saying something random and unexpected, brilliant x

    1. Ahh that’s very true. The next stage always brings with it a new wonder though which is a lovely compensation for them growing up too fast.

  3. I love posts like this, I’ve written one for my boy every year now. Love it when they are starting to talk, they say the cutest things!

  4. Came over from Showoff Showcase and saw this post – I’m there thinking I’ve already read this and commented, but I can’t find the comment. He’s so grown up now. It seems like only the other week you were going back to work & he was still very much a baby.

  5. Gorgeous post, it made me smile throughout. His personality really shines through your words. ‘Look at dat’ is still one of Bud’s favourite sentences so that bit made me smile the most.

  6. Sounds like the holiday was a success and well done for capturing so much about now on your blog, you think these little things will stay with you forever but with out a prompt like this they do fade. Popped over from Show off show case.

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