2012 – The Year of The Toddler

2012 has been a very interesting and frustrating one all at once I think! I’d probably like to remember it as the Year of the Toddler! The year Little Z turned from a fast crawling rug rat into a fast running toddler. This year actually feels more memorable than his first year. Partly probably because its more recent but more so because this year contains some significant milestones like his first words, me going back to work, and him turning into a little boy.

I was dreading 2012. It would be the year I went back to work on a part time basis trying to juggle both work life and mummy life. Now I look back into my sieve like memory I have to admit I found it very hard trying to regain a sense of balance and belonging. Adjusting to new priorities where it wasn’t all about me. I think I was pretty naive to be honest. I expected to pick up where I had left off because time would freeze, for me. I adjusted, thankfully, with a little help from my work friends telling me to “shut that laptop!!” as I worked to catch up in the evenings and I became very grateful I am able to work part time. It may not last forever but its something that’s helped us no end.

One of my highlights of January was getting my new work car. Brand spanking new and a very enjoyable little ride. Little Z didn’t seem to think the same and let me know his views when he decided to throw up ( a lot!) in my 2 week old motor. I can’t remember the last time my OH laughed so much.

One thing I’ll always hate about going back to work is the Bloody Early Starts! I think we’ve honed the routine of getting out of the house on time now, but back in February we were still pretty much falling over each others feet. Mind you, we do still have the odd day like this.

Little Z was now running by this stage and had apparently forgotten how to calmly walk anywhere. Even now its as if he is trying to escape. Constantly!! He had friendevous and started going through separation anxiety. I think it was at this stage I made a mental note to enrol him into karate classes Being a mad mother I was afraid the separation anxiety meant he was afraid of the world and all within it. And if that WAS the case then how would he defend himself in the play ground when he was 5? Cue worry…and oh nooooooooo! Obviously I don’t think that now (Ok, sometimes). Unfortunately, March was the month he got quite a bad bug. Enough for me to have a moan about it and go slightly delirious about the whole thing comparing it to the Olympics. I still remember it well. Viral Bastard!

April was a big month in our family as one of my cousins got married. I was going solo for a few days as the OH wasn’t coming and I was worried about How to go to a wedding with a one year old. It was mayhem. It was mental. There was screaming, and car accidents. It was a lot of fun! I swear I will NEVER go to another wedding without the husband though.

We spent a lot of May running in the Sunshine in the park that is literally opposite my house that we hadn’t ventured to previously. Its now one of our favourite places to go as soon as Little Z wants to “go for a walk”. I also spent a lot of time trying to teach Z Who’s the Mummy. It didn’t go too well. There was also more weddings, this time with Michael Jackson. And it was the month we had to put our robot hoover into a protection scheme and I found out I was a finalist in the MAD Awards for best new blog, hurrah!! It was a busy month!

June was the month I became mum to a 1 and a Half Year Old. It was also Britmums live, and the first time I met so many other bloggers, some of whom I’d been talking to for over a year. It was manic and overwhelming at times but so good to finally meet people in real life. Which reminds me, I need to book my ticket for next year!!

Little Z turning 18 months was a massive milestone in my head because, to me, that’s when he suddenly turned into a toddler. I’m pretty sure he “technically” reached that phase way before then but its when I properly noticed he wasn’t really a baby any more. So I wrote Things I’ve Learned About a One and Half Year Old.

Over the summer of 2012 Little Z started learning new words, some good, some bad, and some that sounded remarkably like PISS. I know its childish but this still makes me laugh. He also learnt to be defiant this month. Its when I discovered how clever toddlers can be.

I also started stressing about how fussy an eater he was becoming. He’s slightly better now but god can he frustrate me with his eating habits.

The day came when we finally ventured to London for the MADs finals. I didn’t win but I had a fantastic time and met so many people. And we realised taking a toddler to London was actually enjoyable (mostly!). I also eventually discovered the rules of being a toddler.

November was a month I was very much looking forward to because we were going on holiday!!! Our first abroad since Little Z had arrived. I was very excited about some proper sun but not to excited about letting a toddler loose on a plane. We did have a fantastic time and Little Z particularly enjoyed talking to the “feesh” on a daily basis.

And last but not least, December brought Little Z’s 2nd birthday. I was thankfully not dreading his birthday this year and I realised that watching him grow up over the last 2 years and reach his toddler milestones has made me just look forward to the next year. It has been bloody hard at times and that’s what a good cry and cake is for but it has been good too in equal measure.

And that was 2012. The year of the Toddler.



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13 thoughts on “2012 – The Year of The Toddler”

  1. What a lovely round up post! Spotted a few that I haven’t read yet so I’m gonna spend some time having a little catch up. Xx

  2. this is a great recap post Tas which i very much enjoyed reading. i have been thinking about how much my two have changed since the start of the year, and like you and Z so many milestones have taken place.
    your blog has been a good read this year and thank you for always visiting mine x

  3. What an eventful year! It’s good to reflect on how far you’ve come. The year from 1 to 2 sees some reallly big changes and now you’re ready for the next lot!

    1. It really is, been much more memorable than the first but I think that’s because I’ve been slightly less sleep deprived!

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  5. Such a brilliant round up post. I must go through and read some of the posts I’ve previously missed.
    Happy New Year and here’s hoping 2013 doesn’t involve too much crying but lots of cake! xx

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