A Snowy Adventure

A Snowy Adevnture

We’ve had ourselves a bit of a snowy adventure this week…what with all the snow and being trapped indoors.
Little Z was completely fascinated at first and was completely persistent on “go outside, go outside, go outside, go outside….etc”.

He wasn’t quite sure what to do at first and stood very still in the snow for a while and then eventually got stuck in wanting me to make snowballs for him that he then threw at me. Which is always nice. He spent a bit of time helping me make a snowman but then declared “it’s collllld!!!” and then retreated back into the warmth and watched me through the window slaving away finishing the snowman off.

A Snowy Adevnture

It took me the best part of the day to finish the not at all scary looking snowman off. We still haven’t named him!

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59 thoughts on “A Snowy Adventure”

  1. Sounds like me! My Boys watched from the back door whilst I finished their snowman.
    You have cool snowman there, you should call him ‘Mr Dude’ x

  2. Haha Iyla wasn’t really sure what to do either but got the hang of it after I picked up some snow and threw it at Dad2BabyInsomniac 😉 we didn’t actually make a snowman which was rather rubbish of us, yours is very impressive though! X

  3. That is a very ‘cool’ looking snowman! It has been great for the kids, but I’m quite glad that it is going now.

  4. Aww, bless him! Snow is a weird thing for littlies; covering their recognisable world with a blanket of white. How come it took you a day, did you not roll a ball of snow?

    Popping over from Country Kids

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