Dear Toddler – 2 Years and 1 Month

Dear 2 Year (and 1 month) old!

Hello Toddler!

I’m writing this pretty late in the day seeing as you turned 2 years and 1 month about 2 weeks ago now but it’s not my fault…its SNOWED!!! Yes!! We’ve had 2 inches of snow and the whole of the UK has come to a standstill. OK, that’s a slight exaggeration as the South has had a lot more than that but we’ve been busy having fun in it and moaning about being snowed in and then how much we hate it and want it to go away.

It was your birthday last month and we had 2 quite big parties. There was plenty of games and food and a lot of laughing and having a good time. I have to admit, for all my resisting and not actually initially wanting big parties I’m really glad we did it. Your face was a complete picture when we cut the cake and you sang Happy Birthday to yourself for the rest of the day. Actually, you sing it all the time now too and then pretend to blow out an imaginary candle. Very cute!

I think I’ve finally decided what to do about the nursery situation. After speaking to a lovely lady I’ve found out you can actually enrol into 2 places which is what some people do when they spend a lot of time in two different locations. That’ll work out perfectly if we can do that and it means I won’t be panicking about picking you up because there’ll always be someone around. Hurrah!! Well….I still need to actually do it yet so here’s hoping!

Its been a really interesting month watching you learn new things. You are now talking in sentences. I’m pretty sure every month I think you are finally “talking properly!” and then every month you surprise me by talking a bit more fluently and clearly. You’ve turned into a Little Storyteller and its really amusing listening to you tell me a bedtime story. All made up of course! Its lovely you can express yourself properly now and takes away at least 30 seconds of a tantrum. Maybe…one day…very very soon you may not tantrum at all. That’s possible. Right??

Anyhoo, these are some of the things you’ve been saying this month…

(At a red traffic light)
You: Mummy! Let’s Goooooooooooooooooo!!!!
Me: We can’t go till in turns Green
You: NOOOO!!! Let’s Goooooooooooooooo!!!

“Hello Snowman, how are you?”

“Snow is cold. Go inside” (Then you watched me finish off your snowman from the warmth of the conservatory!)

(On being told off for attempting to run straight into the TV)
Me: That could hurt, do you understand?
You: No understand!

(On not liking Lunch)
You: I don’t want it, I don’t like it
Me: What do you want to eat then?
You: I don’t know? Oh…Sweet?
Me: No sweeties

I’m hoping for more of these as the months go by 🙂

Dear 2 Year (and 1 month) old!

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16 thoughts on “Dear Toddler – 2 Years and 1 Month”

  1. Oh I so remember the traffic light scenario! I would hate it if I had to stop at the traffic lights and Moo would be in the car, she would scream at me to MOOOOOOOVVVVVVEEEEEEE!!!!!! GOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! Its hard trying to explain to a 2 year old that you have to wait for the light to change!

  2. Lovely! I know what you mean about the speech – I remember it with my own kids – they’re talking properly because they can say two words, then three, then it’s real sentences, then longer sentences… I love how they develop and learn so quick at this age.

  3. I’ve had the traffic light thing too. Now that H understands it, he says things like. We’ve got stopped lots by the lights today. It’s a topic we’ve come back to a lot over the years.

  4. I love listening to their speech, its brilliant. Mads does the same thing at traffic lights but she also tells me to slow down when I drive like a granny as it is! They are growing up so quickly aren’t they! x

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