Little Mr Bossy Boots

We could see it coming as he approached his second birthday. It started with full swooning tantrums on the floor, followed by cries of frustration when we said no. Then it came. Full on, and very loud…the terrible twos.

Little Z has entered the world of the terrible twos a bit earlier than I would have liked. Actually, I’m pretty sure this is one of those lies people tell you before you have kids and don’t have a clue about anything children related. I’m pretty sure the terrible twos start when they’re about 16 months or even sooner. At first you just don’t realise because you’re not looking for it. Then it slowly dawns on you. You’re in the midst of what will become the terrible twos!

I thought we were already in full flowing terrible twos and we almost had it under control. We walk away (most of the time) when he has a tantrum, both keep straight faces when trying to tell him off (most of the time) and try not to throw around the words “that’s naughty” too much.

We’ve seen a change over the last couple of weeks though. It’s like Little Z has acquired a fresh batch of feistiness. We now have ourselves a little bossy boots.

And what worked last week isn’t working this week. Uh oh.

This week a telling off will result in him chuckling back at us, or not looking at you directly in the eye, but flashing a knowing smirk at us. And saying “no” actually eggs him on to repeat it!

Our bossy boots has also turned into a shouty little man. Like a cranky lord of the manor that has no patience with his servants. No time can be wasted and everything must be done instantly.

“MILK!!!!” Is demanded loudly first thing in the morning and one must produce it within seconds. Same with “Biscuit!!” but to a lesser extent. Failure to conjure “MILK!!!!” up instantly can result in a minor meltdown. It seems the art of impatience is being honed. Either that or he thinks he is now a cranky teenager crying out at the unfairness of the world. Other demands can include and are not limited to) “Be happy soooon!!” (Get Well Soon on CBeebies), strawberries, going for a walk and giving anything he declares is “mine”. And one must comply instantly.

The little bossy boots has plenty of charm though which can be switched on instantly. “Share share” is a new favourite where all food will be shared and even placed into your mouth for you (whether you want it or not). There are hugs aplenty and he will randomly drop whatever he is doing and come and ask for one. Occasionally this means you have to put down whatever you were doing but this one i don’t mind. And my personal favourite is where he declares “it’s my mummy!!” to the other half. Of course this last one can have its slight downside when it’s only my hip he wants to glue himself to no matter what I may be doing.

So this week you will hear little bossy boots exclaim “Oh Doodness Me!” (Oh Goodness me!) as he parrots back our reaction at us whilst the OH and I hurriedly revise our parenting strategy from a huddled corner of the living room.

This is the peak of the terrible twos, yes?

30 thoughts on “Little Mr Bossy Boots”

    1. Ohhh we have had the slapping too, and again it’s just us. He always does it when he gets really excited so its not a “naughty” thing but its our instant reaction sometimes!

  1. Jessamy is in the middle of a telling us off period! If she doesn’t like something she shouts NONONONO and does lots of pointing…can’t imagine where she’s got that from…must be paying more attention to us and the dogs than I thought!
    Love his phrases though! ‘Oh Doodness Me’? Cute!

    1. Hehe that must look completely adorable when she’s telling you off. I think sometimes the hardest thing is trying to keep a straight face!

  2. We are definitely going through the terrible two’s here as well. Most days she can be as good as gold, but it seems when it is both of us together she likes to play up. Cue full on tantrums, a shriek that I swear could deafen someone 100 miles away, and sobs and grumpiness.
    For the first time ever last night we put her on a time out in the hall. She was sobbing out there for about 30 seconds before eventually coming back in and saying ‘sorry mummy.’ I then felt like the cruelest parent ever. Basically i can’t win! x

    1. It’s so cute when they say sorry but I know exactly what you mean, it comes attached with a bucket load of guilt. It does sound like they’re all going through a similar thing (which is a bit of a relief I have to say!), I hope it’s a short lived phase though!

  3. Our terrible twos started a couple of months ago when she was around 15 months. But then she does have a threenager sister showing her the ropes! The screaming at nappy changes have me convinced she’s being tortured by an invisible force! Unfortunately, if she is following her sister’s example, it looks like we’ve a good couple of years more of this to look forward to. Can’t wait for her to talk and tell us (in her own, special way), what’s updating her

  4. Bless him! Now mine are big I can Thibk this is cute, but I know it’s hard work! It may be the peak, but it may not… Three year olds have some pretty dreadful tantrums too and, being that bit older, can be quite manipulative. Good luck!

  5. OK, now just imagine the terrible twos times two! Yes, I’ve got double trouble twins and you can see how that turned out when they were two! Yes, it was definitely an ‘Oh Doodness Me’ time. So, next time just think of me and you won’t feel so bad. 🙂

  6. I’d heard of the Terrible Twos for so long, I got to the end of two with a sense of relief: “Looks like we’ve bypassed that storm!” Turns out my son was saving it all for three . . . graaaagh!

  7. wait until he hots three Tas!!! the terrible twos will seems so easy compared to the tiresome threes lol!
    this all sounds sooooo familair though and although this made me smile in parts i also know that at times it can wear you down and make you want to cry rather than laugh! Burton is extremely bossy too i wonder if its what all first borns are like???
    great post and good luck with whatever else he throws at you on this wonderful path into toddlerhood!! x

    1. Uh oh…I do keep hearing the word Threenager in some posts at the moment. Do you think they hit 4 and become as good as gold?

  8. We love Get Well Soon! We learned Makaton sign language with my eldest who was then 2.By the time his two sisters came along sign language was the first language they used as a form of communication which helped greatly with tantrums.I’m dreading when my 3 become teenagers.

  9. Haha Iyla is so bossy too. The things she tells Dad2BabyInsomniac to do are hilarious, no one else in the world could boss him around like she does! I am hoping it’s just a phase! x

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