Mummy Love Is…

Love Is

You know you see those soppy “Love Is…” cards and think “Aww, that’s sweet” (and slightly cheesy)? Do you ever look at the sweet lovely perfect words about a perfect world and think they’ve glossed over certain things. Things that REALLY show what “Love Is”.

If there were “Love Is” cards from a mum to a small child they would probably include the following….

Mummy Love Is… Running to the other side of the baby gate before the toddler follows you up the stairs, accidentally banging your hip against the metal and NOT swearing.

Mummy Love Is… Spending so much time with your entire arm under the couch retrieving bits of toys/jigsaws/books it would make a vet jealous.

Mummy Love Is… Spending what feels like eternity hovering around the toddlers highchair trying to get them to eat another mouthful

Mummy Love Is… Answering the toddlers 200th “Whats this?” question of the day.

Mummy Love Is… Sleeping on 2 inches of bed as your poorly/non sleeping toddler joins you starfish style and proceeds to kick you in the stomach/face for most of the night.

Mummy Love Is… Asking the toddler for a kiss 30 times a day and being very pleased when they comply.

Mummy Love Is… Trying to catch a wriggly tantrum-ing child and place them safely on the floor about 150 times a day.

Mummy Love Is… Singing nursery rhymes together. Constantly. Repeatedly. ALL dayyy long! (The wheels on the bus go round and roundddd….)

Mummy Love Is… Letting your toddler glue themselves to your hip on clingy “not in the mood” days.

Mummy Love Is…Knowing all the words of their favourite programme because they’ve seen it that often.

So why don’t they have these cards? They would be a hit, right?

Love Is

18 thoughts on “Mummy Love Is…”

  1. Definitely! Valentines day is so cheesy it makes me cringe, then I think am I not normal? Maybe I don’t love my husband as much as other people love theirs? (I do – I just hate cheesy crap.) But love for your child is different – you wouldn’t put up with this from anyone else, from your child it’s endearing – and a little bit annoying!

  2. these all sum up my day perfectly…add in trying to keep the baby safe and amused too …as for the kisses, i ask my toddler repeatedly for kisses only for him to say ‘no mummy, i kiss baby’ – charming πŸ™ lol

  3. Hee,you had me laughing at mummy love number one and I think everyone with kids will be nodding and chuckling as they read through your list πŸ™‚

  4. I couldn’t agree more they would be a HUGE hit or at least with me they would. I would have bought all these above. Guilty as charged! Lovely post. Thank you so much for linking up to Share With Me #sharewithme
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