A Review of Twinings and A Mothers Day Gift Idea

I have a tiny little confession to make. I hate coffee. We have one jar in the house mainly for days that require very very early starts and that’s about it. I do like strongly flavoured lattes, usually hazelnut, but that’s usually killed all the coffee flavour. I do love tea though. Being tee total, at the end of a long day there is nothing like a nice brew. My family is also obsessed. We have teas for everything…ginger tea, mint tea, teas with turmeric, tea with cinnamon, tea with cloves, tea with mixed Indian spices ……it is a fairly extensive mix, my mum and dad could probably give you a full list! So when Twinings asked if I’d like to review some of their range I jumped at the chance.

Twinings collage

I was sent a range of a few teas including English Breakfast Tea, Camomile & Maple, Strawberry & Mango and Blueberry & Apple.

My favourite tea has to be the good old English Breakfast. A classic tea that can be drunk with or without milk. Accompanied by a nice biscuit of course. As it was loose tea it gives a slightly stronger taste but I love strong teas so this was fine by me.

Next were the fruit teas. I do like fruit teas in general but am not one for drinking these every day. I was also keen to see whether a mango flavour in a tea would actually work. Its a subtle flavour and works really well with the strawberry.

Lastly we tried Camomile & Maple. These teabags smell amazing. They have an infusion of vanilla in them and I think you could sit comfortably holding your cup and just inhaling the smells. I’m not a herbal tea fan so I added sugar to mine but I would recomened this very strongly if you are a camomile tea lover. Just sit there and smell your cup for a while (subtly so people don’t think you’re strange)

Camomile and Maple

We were also lucky enough to receive a lovely Twinings Mothers Day Gift. Our extra little package revealed a lovely London Pottery company teapot and Mother Days edition of Earls Grey Tea. The Earls Grey tea is absolutely lovely and well presented in a lovely purple tin. It does make a great idea for a Mother Day gift especially if they are tea lovers.

Mothers Day

There are two others in the Mothers day range – Peach & Passionfruit and SummerFruits.

All in all, I’d thoroughly recommend Twinings for their range and variety.

We were sent a variety of teas to review. They were lovely!

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