Nose (Diving!)

The theme in the Gallery this week is Noses.

I instantly thought of nose diving but I couldn’t think of just the one thing. So here’s a few things one must always nose dive into…

Belgian Chocolates…




Freshly baked biscuits…


A Chocolate fountain…
Chocolate fountain

And last but by no means least…

Team Honk and Comic Relief

Its been 25 years since Comic Relief started and I bet a lot of you can remember seeing Lenny Henry host it for the first time.

Over the lay few days bloggers Penny (@AResidence), Tanya (@MummyBarrow) and Annie (@MamasaurusBlog) have journeyed to Ghana to help with some of the excellent work that Comic Relief do year on year. You can keep up to date with their journeys via their twitter feed. You can also read more of what Comic Relief have done on

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23 thoughts on “Nose (Diving!)”

  1. Wow it all looks amazing, especially those biscuits and especially because I’m not eating sugar at the moment! x

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