Sleeping Through

Last week my old friends and I had a much needed girlie catch up and long lunch. There were 9 children present in total so it was slightly manic. And definitely loud.
The youngest was a very cute and cuddly little boy aged 13 months. After quite a bit of nattering, a question flashed across my mind. One that, you always think twice about before deciding, on this occasion, its appropriate to ask…
“Is he sleeping through?”
I always think this question can have a number of outcomes
1) My friend could burst into tears with a mouthful of half chewed pizza and declare that NO! NO…it’s been 13 months and he’s not sleeping through and it’s driving her mental!

2) Punch the air and smugly announce… “Oh yes. Of course! He was sleeping through within 3 hours of being born, I really don’t know what all the fuss is about… solid routine does the …” etc etc. Cue jealous stares from me.

3) She could start rocking, looking very nervous and almost cover the babies ear whilst whispering “yes, kind of. Shhh…Please don’t jinx it”

She was actually fine and there was no desperate foaming at the mouth but her 13 month old actually wasn’t sleeping through and I tried to make her feel better by telling her how Little Z didn’t sleep through till he was about 19 months old. It probably made her feel a bit worse realising she could have another 6 months of sleepless nights but we did laugh at how we used to think ALL babies hit 6 weeks and slept all through the night. (Head back, manic type of laughter).
It reminded me of being conned through the months as he was growing up…thinking tonight would be the night when Little Z would sleep. At first it was about 6 months after one very good night. Then it was around 12 months. Then it was 13…and 14….and 15… each time hoping the next night would be THE night. And each time vowing I would try controlled crying…and then chickening out.
After about 3 blog posts about how he was sleeping through I gave up writing about it.
Then I realised after the meal…I can probably safely say it now….after almost 2 years…
Little Z is sleeping through!!

(Obviously if you discount the sick nights and teething and nights he just wants to faff and ones where he wants to get into our bed. He is sleeping through…..Hurrrah!!)

9 thoughts on “Sleeping Through”

  1. Haha I can relate to this one! On Friday I exclaimed with glee that I thought bella was now sleeping through. And yet hete I am since 5.30, having only been back in bed a couple of hours… I jinxed it!!!

  2. My daughter started to sleep through around 2years old my youngest at 9 months will if I hold her all night and don’t shut my eyes, if I fall asleep she wakes up, think I don’t hold her as tight.


  3. My first didn’t sleep through until she was 2 and a half. My second still hasn’t slept through and is 18 months now (apart from a couple of 5 hour stints when she was VERY tiny which almost conned me into being smug!). But in light of some recent tragedies, I treasure every extra snuggle I get with her now.

  4. Iyla was ten months which wasn’t actually that bad considering, although it did involve a form of controlled crying when she was 7 months, before that she just didn’t sleep! Occasionally she still wakes up though, in fact last night she woke up at midnight and started crying then ended up in our bed kicking us in the back all night. I hardly slept and now I feel awful, in fact it has reminded me how tough it is going to be when the baby arrives! Hopefully he sleeps through sooner though! x

  5. Syd laughs in the face if sleep, he mocks the very idea of it! Am hoping 19 months might be our lucky month too, as we are only a few weeks off of that, but I don’t think my 16 year old ever slept through I think she just hit an age where she stopped waking me up! 🙂

  6. Little A was a terrible sleeper – still waking up 3 times a night at 15 months – drove me flippin mental – so in the end I had to do some ‘gentle’ – gradual withdrawal – sleep coaching, and it worked. I couldn’t bear the torture any longer!

  7. Did you consider all the people reading this having emotional breakdowns lol.
    Our lad is coming up 4 and doesn’t sleep – but guess it’s just one of those things you get used to.

  8. That’s great! Hopefully Bob won’t be far behind! She slept through one night last month and I got excited but unfortunately it was a one off. Can’t wait till I can say she’s sleeping through! :0) x

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