The Yellow Turtle

There is a toy at my mums house that is having a bit of an identity crisis. It’s a yellow Turtle shape sorter. I think it may even have been in the navy for a while as it sports a rather fetching blue hat not too dissimilar to those that navy officers sport.

We find it frequently with its shell off and going for random walks around my mums living room, or simply lounging around on the sofa watching TV. We don’t find it too unusual to see the turtle without his shell. After all, shells are quite heavy, right?

What was unusual though, is what happened one day last week.

Little Z playing as he normally does came running to ask for a piece of bread. After persuading him to eat a chicken sandwich I relented and gave him some bread and he ran off happily.

Shortly afterwards I went to see if Little Z had eaten his bread and was ready for lunch. And that’s when I made the discovery. The Turtle behaving a bit oddly. As if it were a duck. Same expression….Same smile…but acting like a duck.

Little Z was sat on a chair obliging this identity crisis and throwing bits of bread to the Turtle. And the Turtle enjoying this new life and experience of being fed, like a duck at a park.

The two were having such a good time I stopped short of telling Little Z off for throwing bits of bread all over the carpet and instead tried to make the revelation that his friend was not who he was claiming to be…

“Little Z – that’s not a duck! Its a Turtle!”

Little Z, in full support of his little friend, simply retorted:

“It’s a duck! Duck go Meck Meck Meck”

“Ummm…you mean Quack Quack?”

“No…Meck! Meck! Meck!”

Yello Turtle


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