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When I was pregnant one of the things I found hard to do was find some nice maternity clothes. I actually didn’t find that much I liked and I used to end up buying dresses a couple of sizes bigger and wearing those. I also didn’t want to buy too much because I wasn’t likely to wear any of it after baby arrived. (I actually did end up living in my maternity bottoms for quite a while afterwards but that’s by the by!). So when I started writing this post for Vertbaudet‘s maternity range I was pleasantly surprised to discover they have a “Before and After” Range.

In a nutshell its suitable before and after baby arrives and is particularly designed for breastfeeding with comfort and ease afterwards. The dresses have panels that open up very easily to feed baby which means no faffy buttons and no lifting your top up to then hold under your chin whilst baby has an hours marathon feed. You’ve also got something that serves a useful purpose beyond your big bump days.

Vertbaudet Before and After

I think I’d have loved at least one dress like this that would have lasted through my pregnancy and into my breastfeeding days. Instead I ended up going and buying more “feeding friendly” attire. They are also some of the prettiest maternity dresses I’ve seen in recent times.

Vertbaudet Collage 2

Vertbaudet also have maternity tops, bottoms and lots of maternity accessories like belts but I kind of got stuck admiring the dresses.

This particular one isn’t from the Before and After range but it’s still very nice…

Vertbaudet Collage

Please Note: This is a featured post for Vertbaudet. All views and admiration of dresses are my own.
P.s I’m not pregnant 🙂

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