Weekend Lie Ins

During the week we’re all up at 6.30am and rush around sleepily getting ready for work. Poor Little Z usually has to be dragged out bed. We don’t do this till the very last minute but there are always a lot of protests of “Nooo, want to sleep!”. So, you’d think, at the weekends he’d have an extra long lie in?

Unfortunately Little Z doesn’t know the meaning of a weekend lie in yet and, naturally wakes around 7am completely full of energy. He isn’t a slow waker. He is more a jack in the box. He is either asleep or awake. And excitedly and repeatedly shouting:

“lets brush your teeth! Lets brush your teeth!” (He means his own)..or

“go downstairs, go downstairs, want downstairs!”.

It can be all a bit sudden and overwhelming to hear when you’ve been awake for about 2 seconds.

That’s where the little mini tiny minuscule confession comes in. We give him the iPad in our bed and gain about 30 minutes to an hour extra! Breakfast is also served in bed on some occasions. We get a longer lie in and Little Z gets to sing Wheels on the Bus complete with all the actions with a zombified mummy and daddy who steal precious seconds (literally) of sleep in between all the singing.

Everyone’s happy! (Sort of!)

One if his favourite apps, to my dread, is that ultra irritating Tom Cat. About 5 minutes of talking to it is enough to get me out of bed! Little Z loves it though. Especially the “farting” special effect. Or as he says “Cat peeped!” with a hearty belly laugh straight after.

Most recently we sleepily tried to discourage Little Z from using it without causing a full on meltdown. Then the OH noticed something…

Talking Tom Cat was kitted out in all sorts of new attire and accessories…including a blue tshirt and glasses in the shape of love hearts.

“Has he been buying things on it?”

Knowing how easy it is to now buy extra little things at a click I knew this could be highly likely and whipped the iPad off Little Z to check.

Sure enough Talking Tom Cat was sporting all those things..and a baseball cap.

I instantly reacted with ..

“Oh Shit!”

Talking Tom Cat obediently followed:
“Oh Shit!”

Little Z excitedly repeated..
“Oh Shit!”

Ok…time to go downstairs!

Wot So Funee?

25 thoughts on “Weekend Lie Ins”

  1. Just popped over to your blog for the first time, and this post is just great ! I was about to write something on a similar thread about cbeebies in bed to let me lie in for just….a….tiny….bit……longer !

    It feel so utterly wrong, yet wonderfully right all at the same time 🙂

    Tablet computers and cbeebies are heaven sent ( and all those parents from the generation where they didn’t exist who say they would never have let their child…….Liars the lot of ’em ! )

  2. Ha Ha that’s so funny! My kids love that wretched cat too – it would seems that every kid anywhere of any age loves it! Isn’t it amazing how young kids can get the hang of this technology these days…and even work out how to spend on it lol!

    1. Yes!! I can’t believe how fast they seem to remember everything too. He only needs to see it once and he knows what to do!

  3. EXACTLY the same things happens in our house with weekdays v weekends, it drives me insane! I shall get great pleasure in dragging them out of bed when they are teenagers 😉 Found you from Blow Your Own Blog Horn.

  4. We discovered the ‘Guided Access’ function on the iPad which locks the app so they can’t go into other apps and then put a password on the account so out little one can’t go racking up lots of money. This really made me chuckle. Lovely to find you through the ‘Blow Your Own Blog Horn’ linky x

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