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Before I had Little Z I used to read a lot. I was a bookworm from when I was at school and worked my way through the a lot of the collections at the local library. This kind of dwindled as I got into my late 20s, what with the t’interweb and that. At that point I was pretty much getting completely addicted to spending my evenings surfing around it and making friends with the people in my laptop.

Then Little Z came along, I lost the meaning of “Me time” and life became a blur of milk, nappies, baby stuff and a lot of reflux induced puke. Lovely.

It’s only been very recently that I’ve got back into reading and in a bid to do something a bit more “constructive” with my evenings I’ve started reading again. This is partly why my ticker tape style tweeting has slowed down a bit. You’re welcome. So this little post is about 3 brilliant books I’ve read recently. All written by bloggers I talk to (Ok, tweet with!) and all who have made me want to write a book of my very own.

It all started when Mr Dispenser asked if I’d like to read his recently released book: Pills, Thrills and Methadone Spills: The Adventures of a Community Pharmacist


(“Mr Dispenser” is his twitter handle btw. I’m pretty sure he’s not called Mr. Dispenser in real life. Mind you, I do know of a Doctor whose surname is Doctor. I kid you not. I wonder how many times a day he has to laugh at his patients “jokes”.). Now, I have to be honest, I wasn’t deadly keen at the thought of reading the memoirs of a pharmacist. They never really look that happy when you see them at the Pharmacy do they? And the thought of reading word play jokes on different medicines didn’t fill me with hope of a stream of belly laughs. I agreed though and eventually sat down to read it. I was so surprised it was a hilarious book and one I couldn’t put down. It’s a very funny compilation of memories and sheds a new light for those of us that are always this side of the counter. I even thought at one point “so THIS is why my medicine takes so long to arrive!!”. You don’t have to be a medicine loving geek to want to read this. It’s cleverly written for pretty much everyone. Oh, and it provides plenty of belly laughs.

Next on the List is Nightingale Woods written by Kathryn Brown aka Crystal Jigsaw on Twitter.

Nightingale Woods

Kathryn was very supportive of my blog when I first started and that support gave me confidence in my writing. If you follow her on Twitter you will already know she is an excellent writer and this is not her first writing venture. Nightingale Woods is her second book and is about an affair between a young woman and her married man. I mistakenly thought this was an easy read chick lit but I soon found its anything but that. The story spans across two time periods and paints a true picture of an affair, its reality and the repercussions it can have. The main character, Rachel Phillips, is a slightly naive girl who falls for a married man. Whilst I warmed to her pretty much straight away, there were times in the book I wanted to shake her by the shoulders and shout “Oh Rachel!!”. I won’t say too much for fear of giving away the plot but its a very intriguing read that has you addicted till the end. An excellent read for those that don’t like typical chicklit.

And last but not least is The Little Book of Mother Venting written by Frances Lewis.


This is probably something every new mum should buy – it is SO honest and funny and will have you in stitches. a LOT. The book charts her journey of life and tells it humorously even through some very difficult times. It provides a very refreshing perspective on life, children and the universe and dares to tell the truth. I can guarantee you will, at various points, laugh your head off and nod along in complete agreement at things people don’t really like to admit to. She has a way with words and can make the most mundane situation funny. Its exactly that that keeps you reading and then thinking about it afterwards (and chuckling to yourself!). Her venting ranges all the way from life, to life after a child to relationships. Some of my favorite bits are the ones about her little one (who is the same age as mine!) and it was somewhat of a relief to read someone else feeling the same as you even though the subject may be slightly taboo. YES there are days where you think “this is so bloody hard!”. There I said it. And Breathe.
I sincerely hope there is another book at some point chronicling even more Mother venting!

So if you do fancy a good read check out one of the books above. (This is not sponsored post!!)

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  1. I love reading too, and i am trying to get back into the swing of it. I will llok for them on the kindle

  2. I just can not get in to chapter books at the moment. I am craft book and home books with pretty pictures! This is really odd as I am an avid reader and just gave away 12 boxes (yes boxes) of books to charity!

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