C is for Cake

There was a double birthday celebration at the inlaws at the weekend. Grandma H turned a grand old 76 and one of Little Zs cousins turned 6. So there was 2 cakes, lots of party food and Little Zs favourite song in the whole wide world; the Happy Birthday song.

His face was a little picture of excitement as he saw two birthday cakes being brought out with candles and prepared himself.

Except, he realised, there was something not quite right.

No one was singing to him and the words in the song didn’t include “Happy Birthday dear Little Z”. Huh.

He watched on slightly perplexed as the song was sing to other people and not him.

All ended well though as the candles on the cake were lit up again and the Happy Birthday song was sung to him four times!

I’m pretty sure he could have gone longer.

(Sorry the quality is slightly rubbish!)


28 thoughts on “C is for Cake”

  1. That is a great photo, a real action shot! I can’t believe that cake wasn’t the first thing I thought of when I thought of the letter c!!! It’s funny how young children are mystified by anyone else having a birthday, if A had her way, she would have a birthday every day!

  2. Everytime we go to a Birthday party Aaron says “no it is my birthday”.
    But now that he is that tiny bit older, he understood in February that it was mine (we went ten pin bowling) and now whenever he remembers he says we played with balls on Mummy’s birthday.
    It’s progress that someone other than him is allowed to have a birthday so I know exactly what you mean.
    He’ll be thrilled in June when it is actually his birthday xx

  3. I love how you have to relight the candles numerous times just so they can blow them out. Meanwhile, molten wave with your cake?

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