Clarks Kids Sandals Giveaway

Summer will soon be upon us and hopefully we will have a bit more sun this year. If you’re anything like me you’ll soon be thinking about investing in a pair of summer sandals for your children.

Clarks have an excellent range of summer sandals for children and have an excellent reputation for being good quality and durable.


And thats where the little giveaway comes in. Clarks are kindly giving away a pair of sandals to one lucky winner.


All you have to do to enter is the following:

1) Leave me a comment below telling me what your favourite summer family activity is.

You can have also have a bonus entry for doing the following:

2) Like the Not My Year Off Facebook page. (Leave a separate comment once you’ve done so).

This comp ends at midnight on the 31st March and is only open to those based in the UK.

Please note the prize will be a pair of sandals from the Clarks kids range (Link above).

Don’t forget to leave your email address in the comments section so I can contact you!

Good luck!!

This is a Giveaway.


This Giveaway is now closed. The winner is “Boo Roo and Tigger Too” (@littleboo_21)

204 thoughts on “Clarks Kids Sandals Giveaway”

  1. My favourite summer activity is taking kids to play in outdoors water play, some of our local parks have really nice ones.

  2. Ours would be going to the seaside, with more stuff than we can carry, eating slightly sandy sandwiches and building sandcastles.

  3. My favourite summer activity is taking kids to play in outdoors water play, some of our local parks have really nice ones.

  4. I love to take my kids on picnics in the countryside! We live by the seaside but often find it is cooler there – so we go inland and picnic beside a stream!

  5. A trip to the seaside is always a good thing, donkey rides for my daughter and ice cream and lots of it for me 🙂 x

  6. My fav thing to do is getting together with the family on a nice hot day, have a BBQ and enjoy a couple of cheeky drinks. Paddling pool out for the kids and all getting a top up of vitamin D :O)

  7. A day out with a picnic building sandcastles on the beach is just a perfect day in our book, oh and a few rays of sunshine helps too!

  8. Running, jumping, climbing, hopping, balancing, in fact anything that our Clarks sandals can stand up to so well!

  9. We have an amazing park near us, with a huge paddling pool, lots of amusements, donkeys and it is free! We love spending time here in the summer and like a picnic x

  10. I love going to the sea side with my husband and little girl. Our daughter loves the sand and is happy playing on the beach for hours (whatever the weather!!)

  11. Wonderful summer camping. The children love to collect wood for the campfire and going off to play in the woods. It’s a great family bonding experience. Hopefully the summer will appear this year!

  12. On those rare sunny days we have in our summer we make the most of getting out the paddling pool and having a splashing time.

  13. just smiling in the sunshine – being outdoors with the sun shining is great where ever you are – i guess its nice to get a throw away barbie and have tea outdoors the kids love that 🙂

  14. A day out to the local water park where we can go cycling, den building, have a picnic, play in the playgrounds, ride a mini steam train, play ball games and even camp overnight – and answering the ‘call of nature’ doesn’t have to involve hiding behind a bush!

  15. We love going to the beach, having picnics, making sandcastles and flying our kite usually whatever the weather !!

  16. We live quite close to the sea, on a good sunny afternoon we like to go along the shore looking for crabs and other little fish, then head to a pub which overlooks the water for a drink and a pack of crisps while dipping our feet in the water.

  17. 7 yr old D says “going to the beach and having ice cream” is his favourite summer family activity. 8 yr old J says “wearing our moshi monsters shortie pyjamas without getting cold” (When i said it should be a family summer activity his reply was “well me and D both have a pair and we’re family so that counts”!!! xxx

  18. My favourite summer activity is having open fire BBQ with my family in the Czech Republic, Isabelle loves the special sausages, they tatse so different onc ethey are done above th eoipen fire, yum yum yum

  19. Our favourite summer activity is going to the woods. We always have a long walk along the nature trail, followed by a picnic and an ice cream.

  20. My favourite summer activity is gardening with the children and watching them wonder as they see everything grow.

  21. Our favourite summer activity is the local park. There are animals to look round and talk to (some talk back!), a splash boat, pedlo boats, a gym and musical instruments for all year round, ducks to feed, lovely views and a shop and cafe to relax after all that.

  22. Taking the kids to Hyde Leisure Centre, it has everything from Aqua slides to Wave machines to Water cannons, its a great day out!

  23. I love taking the children to the park for a picnic and a kick about. They like nothing better 🙂 @pipersky1

  24. Water play! A paddling pool with anything thrown in – usually pots and spoons from the kitchen. Are we hoping to get some sun soon then?! 🙂

  25. I love to take the kids on a long walk in the big park with their scooters – they whizz around burning all their energy up & then we have a lovely picnic.

  26. I love to take the grandchildren for picnics somewhere they can run around and let of steam with plenty of room but a lovely view.

  27. Favourite summer activity is going for a walk through the lovely countryside near us, followed by a well earned ice cream!

  28. My favourite Summer Family activity is having Picnics in the Park or Forest whilst the kids get lots of fresh air and have fun.

  29. My favourite summer activity is visiting the beach; making sandcastles and filling the moats with water (it disappears all too quickly), ice cream and sandy flavoured picnic sandwiches

  30. Love Clarks and these would be ideal for wearing on picnics and visits to the beach in summer (if we have a summer that is )

  31. We love picnics in the park, or sometimes we just have a picnic or BBQ in the back garden and get the bouncy castle out 🙂

  32. Our favourite summer activity is going to the beach and searching the rockpools and then crab fishing off the harbour. Fantastic

  33. Our favourite Summer activity is going to Poole Park, Dorset.
    Beautiful walks along the waterline, Feeding the ducks. we enjoy riding the train around the park and looking at the animals Xx

    They also have soft play, and ice skating!

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