Dear Toddler – Aged 2 and 3 months

Hello Little Z!

So…I can safely say. This is month you screamed your head off. I’m not sure where you’ve picked it up but as soon as I try to chase you (usually to change your nappy), you let out an almighty ear piercing scream. I’ve never felt my ears ringing as much as they do at the moment. Even other toddlers are trying to copy you. When I finally corner you and you have nowhere to go you use a trick where I assume you think it’s going to make you invisible. You put both hands over your eyes. I don’t have the heart to tell you I can see you so I sometimes pretend I can’t find you anymore and you laugh, probably a victory “muhaha” toddler equivalent.

I’ve noticed a massive change in you this month. It just came on all of a sudden but I’ve spent the last couple of weeks hiding behind doors watching you secretly because i still can’t quite believe it…you’ve developed courage!! You’ve always been so nervous around other toddlers that i was reluctantly considering putting you in nursery a lot earlier than I wanted. The past few weeks, though, I’ve watched you instigate the fun, watch other toddlers take your lead and the best is when you’ve told them off if they’ve pushed you or tried to take something from you. Your Daddy and I have been like spies (without macs or shades) watching you and giggling with amusement.

Speaking of amusement you know that Mana-Mana song from the Muppets that you absolutely adore? You and Grandad have your own acoustic cover version. Grandad does all “Too doo doo do do” bits. (Or rather, you make him do it), and you do all the “Mana Manas!”. It’s obvious you’ve taught Grandad the art of contorting completely around that little finger of yours.

The other thing you’ve developed this month is a sense of fashion. At the age of 2!! You now want to pick exactly what you wear and have thrown many a tantrum declaring “I don’t like it”. Whaaaat?!

What’s that about? Like I told you, I’m pretty sure my mum picked out my clothes till I was at least 13. For 3 days now you’ve been wanting to wear a red hoodie, despite its colourful yoghurt stains on it. I’m hoping this is a very short phase. Else we’re going to have to wash the hoodie whilst you sleep!

So until next time Toddler…Mmmmwah!!


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30 thoughts on “Dear Toddler – Aged 2 and 3 months”

  1. fab post, my son would never wear jeans with a button and zip, they had to be is great to see them develop their own personalities xx

  2. fantastic post! my little Man is 2 next months and I so can relate! although i am slightly nervous about what he is going to get up too next lol

    Thanks for linking up with #magicmoments x

  3. Aw wow, it’s such a special thing to see their personality getting stronger and stronger 🙂 Little Z sounds like a very funny, strong willed dude! 😀

  4. They’re hilarious little creatures! POD says “I don’t like it” too. Even got a “yuk ‘gusting when I made her food yesterday. She’s 2 years and 3 months on the 25th 🙂

  5. Fab post! Wish I could hear their cover version! Sounds fab! Hopefully bob won’t develop any more courage at 2 & 3 months. She’s forward enough as it is and could do with learning about personal space! ;0) x

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