Going To The Zoo

Little Z loves animals and will make most of the noises (or makes them up!) so last week, when we spotted a bit of sun, we made a dash for it to Blackpool Zoo.


We’re lucky it’s only a half hour trip for us but I wasn’t quite sure whether to strap him into the buggy or let him loose with just his little dinosaur life pack as assistance. Knowing how much Little Z loves to walk and run I opted for the latter.


I expected him to absolutely love it all and he did mostly but I found that he was really confused at some points. These animals looked nothing like the cute cuddly ones he has at home so he looked at me with a lot of suspicion and once even said with a frown “no Mummy!” when I pointed out some very dirty elephants. He later corrected me when he found a cute cut out version with a “Look! Elephant!”


He also refused to believe that the ant eater was an ant eater and instead labelled it a “babbit”.

Surprisingly he loved the “Dinosaur Safari” which is a display of huge mechanical display of different dinosaurs complete with noises. It didn’t seem to bother him at all and even waved to each as we left.


Although knackering, he loved the running around and even behaved on the cafe sat in a proper chair as we shared our lunch. I noticed him watching another younger toddler sat in a high chair (and then standing up in the high chair in an attempt to make an escape). After careful observation he turned to me, with a concerned look on his face and declared loudly “Mummy, he being naughty!!”.

I avoided walking past their table on our way out thinking he might actually shout it out to them!


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22 thoughts on “Going To The Zoo”

  1. The elephants at Blackpool zoo are very dirty! We could see the smelly steam rising of them when we were there. Giant cuddly elephants might be the way forward! :0) x

  2. We also have a little bit of a strange time at the zoo. CK loves anything to do with animals at home – books, painting, tv, etc. The moment he arrives at the zoo, he couldn’t care less. Two metres away from a real-life elephant and he was more interested in abox of raisins. Bizarre.

  3. We took Iyla to Bristol Zoo the other day and it was so rubbish! There were no lions and the gorilla bit was shut. We saw one butterfly, one monkey and some fish! Luckily we didn’t pay to get in or I would have complained! x

    1. Blimey that is rubbish!! I didn’t even know Bristol had a zoo. Blackpool is very good zoo wise but had a bit of a rubbish beach but z was happy 🙂

  4. We’ve been meaning to take ours to Blackpool Zoo – but we always get sidetracked by the teenagers wanting to go to the Pleasure Beach instead.

    I love the picture of him reading the feeding times, planning his day 😀

  5. Ah! Zoo time is always fun – and Scamp does that whole ‘look at that naughty child’ thing too! I find the shaking of the head, shrug and flippant ‘what are kids like?’ expression works a treat!!!

  6. Awww, it looks like you guys had a great time :). Also, I love how kids shout such inappropriate things at the most inconvenient times – Grace still does it now! Thanks for linking up for some PoCoLo – and from a fellow funee linker too 🙂 x

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