The Cousin

Little Z has a lot if cousins that are all older than him. He is always greeted with hugs and enthusiastic smiles and kisses which pleases my affectionate little boy no end. There is, however, one exception and that is his ΓΌber intelligent, ultra serious, baby and toddler disliking teenage cousin.

She is Little Zs Everest.

She is actually very lovely but simply has no time for babies and toddlers and would rather bury her nose in a book than entertain a small excitable child.

Anytime we visit Little Z will hover in front of her with intent, checking to see if she will acknowledge him. He is usually greeted with a “Hello baby” with the same time serious tone of voice one may use with an adult. She then buries her head back into whatever book or homework she has been engrossed in.

This doesn’t put him off. You can see the cheeky glint in his eye…as if he knows he is pushing the boundaries and is amused by it all. He usually does nothing and wanders off to play with the huge toy box. The cousin is usually relieved.

That is, until one day last week.

Little Z did his usual excited meet and greets with everyone. All cousins very happy to see him and the ultra serious cousin keeping a safe distance. So far, so normal. Little Z played and emptied the entire toybox. All was well.

Something then caught his eye.

He wandered over to the ultra serious cousin and hovered silently. Not saying anything but displaying a smile that said he hatched a plan. The cousin glanced at him from her homework and there was eye contact. And possibly a silent warning to stay away.

The smile on Little Zs face did not waiver. The cousin went back to her work and put her head back down in her books.

And thats when he seized the opportunity.

With one swift move he swiped an A4 sheet of exam notes and ran like he’d never run before. Straight through the living room door and down the long hallway. He must have been ecstatic at his little plot as he screamed as he ran. A high pitched ear piercing scream of victory.

The cousin was stunned. We were stunned. Of course we had to snap out of it milliseconds later and go running after him.

He ran till he reached the locked front door and, realising he had no place to go, let out another excited happy scream and tried to hide the notes behind his 2 year old self.

The OH did the honours of handing back a crumpled sheet of paper to the slightly annoyed cousin. Little Z continued to rejoice in the memory of his little escapade and giggled a lot

He is determined to conquer his Everest.

The cousin

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  1. Oh that did make me smile. I bet her mother is glad that she has no interest in babies and small children at the minute though – heads in books is good.

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