Little Things Little Z Says

The last month has brought about big changes in Little Z’s speech and understanding of what we tell him. We are now at the stage where the OH and I are having to spell out words like S-W-E-E-T and M-U-P-P-E-T-S (The latter when we are both numb from watching the Mana Mana song 25 times in a row and refuse to put it on one more time for a tantrumming Little Z that reacts similarly to one would at Armageddon). What’s changed this month is his confidence. You can see he is braver and less shy around new people. Any delivery man is greeted with a big hello and big goodbye, as are people at checkouts, in the streets, in the shops etc. He’s also a bit more defiant with other toddlers of similar age that might want to push him around a bit. I know this because I have been secretly watching from behind doors and silently cheering him on. Hooray!

Onto some of the things Little Z has been saying this week:

Little Z to Siri on the iPad: “Hello! It’s Little Z!”
Siri: “Here are the football scores from this weekend”
Little Z: “No, No – It’s Little Z”
(Repeat continously with random results)

On seeing a man with white hair
Him: “Hello Naanaa!!” (What he calls my dad)
Me: “That’s not Naanaa”
Him: “Bye Naanaa!!”

(On trying to encourage him to tell me when he’s done a number 2)
Me: “Have you done a poo poo Little Z?” (After smelling a stink!)
Little Z: “No, no poo!”
After pinning him down and changing his nappy
Little Z: “See, no poo no poo!”

(On asking him if he’d like to watch the Muppets movie to get him to sit down for a wee bit)
Me: “Do you want to watch the Muppets?”
Little Z: “No Muppets. Muppets are sleeping”
Me: Oh.

(When finding my old hot water bottle)
Little Z: “Mummy, whats this?”
Me: It’s a hot water bottle
Little: “Nooooo, Its Mr Tumble Bag!”

Mr Tumbles Bag

Wot So Funee?

35 thoughts on “Little Things Little Z Says”

  1. That does look, like something Mr Tumble would wear!
    I can’t spell anymore, even if I try, GG gets it quicker than Actually Daddy, so there’s no point. It works for a while, but remember – DVD is still DVD when you spell it, and bang! You’ve lost 😉

  2. Love the one about Mr Tumble’s Bag! I love writing down the things Iyla says, it always makes me laugh when I read back as I totally forget about them! x

  3. Hi! Thanks for visiting my blog. This is so cute. Thanks for sharing! I can’t wait until my daughter starts talking more and says cute things like this. She’s 16 months old and her vocabulary is pretty much limited to no, done, bye-bye, two, six, mama, and dadda. How old is your toddler? Now following via G+

    1. He’s just turned 2 🙂 He used to say 2 word sentences for a really long time and has just recently started talking a LOT! 😀

  4. Lovely post, now brace yourself for the inevitable “mummy that man’s REALLY fat” I got it the other day. Cringe.

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