Approaching Two And A Half

It’s hard to believe that Little Z will soon be hitting “Two and a Half”.

He is still very much my baby, to the point where we still call him “baby”. He always defiantly tells us his name is “Little Z”. He doesn’t like pet names or his name shortened.

He is fiercely independent and wants to do everything by himself. Yet at the same time, when we are out somewhere, he will come running to check that his mummy is still there waiting for him to finish playing.

He is ultra mischievous and charming all at once making you try very hard to keep that straight face whilst telling him off.

We know we have a little ball of energy on our hands, one who we know will love sports. And climbing. And throwing himself off things.

It is amazing to see he is already his own person and sometimes we catch glimpses of him trying to leave the toddler stage and become a little grown up all too quickly, walking with his hands stuffed in his pockets pondering something important.

2 and a half


25 thoughts on “Approaching Two And A Half”

  1. Awwww bless him – so cute! I still call our Z “baby” and he’s 4 and a half 😉 I don’t think they ever stop being our babies awwww.

  2. Love the way he has his hands in his pockets! I can’t believe how old they are getting, feels like I’ve watched him grow up as they were only a few months old when we started blogging! X

  3. Aww, what a lovely picture. He looks so cute with his hands in his pockets. I also have a fiercely independent nearly two and a half year old. All good fun!

  4. Love how he has his hands stuffed in his pockets. From two and a half they really, really come into their own. Little A is near three and a half now, and she really is a little lady now who loves shopping! X.

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