Bernard The Bee – To Trunki or not to Trunki?

If you read my blog last week you will know about the OHs excitement at discovering that there was a Trunki in the universe that resembled the Lotus F1 race car (well, as much as a Trunki can!). Personally I wasn’t quite sure we needed one just yet and Little Z couldn’t have cared less. He’d never heard of a Trunki and was much more interested in removing all his clothes and blowing bubbles outside.

After much “Shall we? Shall We? Shall we?” (from the OH), we decided that it would be fun for Little Z and the OH attempted to reserve it. He even paid Argos a visit and that’s when we (or rather, he) got the bad news. They are not available to buy till the end of June. He was gutted. I was sad for him. Little Z was perplexed at Trunki-gate. We had a mini-dilemma on our hands. We go away on on holiday on Tuesday and it meant either going without or choosing one of the other models. I wasn’t actually too fussed either way but it was evident it had taken a strong hold on the OH.

He eventually smiled again when he picked Bernard the Bee. A very bright, very smiley, yellow number.

Bernard arrived home this week and Little Z has taken an instant shine to him. He carried and pushed him around at first not realising he could ride it. The OH seems happy too albeit occasionally looks a bit wistful. I think maybe the Lotus will join us one day. Just not on this holiday.

Bernard the Bee Trunki

44 thoughts on “Bernard The Bee – To Trunki or not to Trunki?”

  1. We got a trunki as a present when our little one was about 6 months old and I actually forgot we had it and you’ve reminded me, I might try it out when we fly back to the UK but I don’t think he realises he can ride his either – it will make it so much easier for me if he learns before we go though!!

  2. The bee is also pretty cool but the Lotus one is wow! Hope Z likes riding round on it (P.S. it also takes the weight of an adult if you don’t sit on it for too long).

  3. Our Trunkis are out as we’re moving this week and will be travelling most of the summer. My kids have spent the last few days packing and repacking theirs with their favourite toys and cuddlies while chasing each other on them. I find they’re a fab way for kids to get excited about a trip.

  4. We have the gruffalo one to take on holiday, Ethan wasn’t really riding it then and it rode in the buggy! I think over the years it will get lots of use going to nannys lol

  5. How cute!! We have the Gruffalo one but abandoned taking it on trips as it became another ‘child’ to carry! Now it’s main purpose to to be a ride-on which they all love – who knew trunki’s could be multi-functional! x

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