When on a beachy holiday you fully expect it to be just that; beachy. And Sandy. And Hot.

I was slightly and pleasantly surprised to find our resort was in a forest. You wouldn’t think it at first but once it was pointed out the realisation made you go “Ahhh Yeah. I see it now”. The tall clusters of green trees, shrubs and countless flowers I haven’t seen here. I’m not one to go back on holiday to somewhere we’ve already been and I’m probably still very much in the post holiday come down but I am trying to persuade OH that, you know, we should book it again. And maybe not wait a whole year.

Ali Bey Greenery

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49 thoughts on “Green”

  1. Fabulous colours, just love the colours – I’m trying to get tropical flowers to grow in my garden to give the impression of being on holiday 😉 xx

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