Photos and Memories Of Our Holiday in Turkey

One of my plans for our holiday to Turkey was for me to sit on the sun lounger for ages. Not sun bathing but sitting with my camera, learning how to use it, whilst Little Z and OH had hours of fun in the pool. Then I could wander down the busy streets in Side and the harbour taking arty photos of the vibrant surroundings that comes with the Turkish culture.

It didn’t quite work out like that. Little Z preferred the playing areas and kids clubs to the pools and to make use of his feet, constantly. So my plan went the way of his feet very quickly and ran away from me. We chased him down the busy streets lined with shops. We did this on a number of days and he became a favourite of the shop owners who would call his name to say hello whenever he passed. He would never stop for long though, wanting to run along the harbour whilst quickly admiring the horizon and boats neatly lined up in the docks. Ocassionally he would stop to point out things that caught his eye. A brightly lit lamp, a flower, a flag. In return he tried to wait patiently for us whilst we admired the ruins of Apollo’s temple.

My favourite little memory was when we waited and waited for the sun to set so that we could see the remains of the sunlight bouncing off the ruins. Toddler patience started wearing thin and his eager legs wanted to run off to see the turtles that were sleepily settled in their tanks outside a cafe watching tourists walk by. As the sun finally hid behind the cloud and darkness started to descend he suddenly noticed something was amiss and enquired “Where moon gone?”

So in the end, I did get to use my camera a lot. Just unexpectedly it was mostly led by a toddlers curiosity, learning a new culture and taking in new sights.

“We go on boat now?”


“It’s boken (broken) Mummy”


“Shall we get it?”


“I no want it”


Still “boken”



Street Light in Turkey

“Look. Light!”


“Shall we go dancing?”


“Where Moon gone?”


“Shall we go now?”


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54 thoughts on “Photos and Memories Of Our Holiday in Turkey”

  1. These are wonderful! Love the colours. We’re off out for the day on Thursday and planning to take my big camera with me. Need to read up a little on how to use if first though.

  2. Lovely pictures, Im looking at getting myself a new camera soon my old digital one is a bit tired now 🙁

  3. It looks like you had a lovely time – brilliant pictures x With one at 18 months old the idea of having time to take pictures and lie still for ANY amount of time is a distant dream… *stare off wistfully* but I’ll get there eventually! lol 😉 x

  4. Gorgeous pictures. I recognise the Turkish ruins – we went there on an incredibly hot day in August – kids weren’t overly impressed! I still don’t know how to use my camera and it’s just an automatic one!

    1. Haha thanks! He loved visiting most places but wanted to always go dancing at the end of it! You will get there – took me a while for the penny to drop with mine!

  5. Love the yellow flower one. I still need to learn how to use my camera properly, as well as a million other things I have to do! If only there was more time! x

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