The Trunki

Last week, after a bit of to-ing and fro-ing, I finally made a decision. I picked a holiday in the sun over Britmums.

I’ve been looking forward to Britmums for months but it seems we have some hectic months ahead filled with weddings and different work and family related things going on so if we wanted to go away then it had to be very soon.

So we are all booked for a week in the sun. Hooray!

Then came the next dilemma. To Trunki or not to Trunki?

On our last holiday, Little Z looked very longingly at them at the airport whilst children a bit older than him scooted around their parents. He was too young to have one at the time but there’s also the question about whether its just that extra bit of hassle you have to keep your eye on whilst you half strip for security, try to stop your toddler running off and sample bits of your toddlers milk for the guards so that they know you’re not dodgy. The last thing you want is your 2 year old rolling away at speed into people’s shins.

But they are so cute looking aren’t they? We reasoned all his nappies and tops could go in there and it would definitely keep him entertained for a bit. And they were on SALE!

The OH took this mission upon himself to look for one. Little Z, of course, had long since forgotten what a Trunki is and is more interested in taking all his clothes off (his new thing) and exclaiming “TA DA!!” I was secretly hoping we’d skipped this phase but it seems not. It has become one of our daily chores to try to keep all his clothes on, for as long as possible. He’s just so quick though! The other day I nipped into the kitchen for some cereal and in the time it takes to add coco pops and milk to a bowl the toddler Houdini had whipped everything off bar his shoes and vest. By about 6pm I give up and let him wander around however he likes.

So whilst Little Z is enjoying this new found freedom, the OH was busy conducting an analysis of all the Trunkis on the market. My favourites were the bright Trunkisaurus range but the bright red Harley was also very nice.

The OH searched and scoured the entire universe of Trunki and eventually presented with me this…


A limited edition Lotus F1 Trunki.

I pointed out I was pretty sure it wasn’t on sale and Little Z probably wouldn’t be that bothered about how it resembled a F1 sports car. The strong argument back from a very excited adult was that it had a smiley face.

So we now almost have a Trunki. And I have visions of a very excited hubby scooting about on it at 3am at the airport.

Wot So Funee?

32 thoughts on “The Trunki”

  1. Wow that is a very posh Trunki too isn’t t? A has a princess one and she adores it so I have no doubt that Z will love his. I wish they had things like this when we were little!

  2. That is very cool! Dad2BabyInsomniac will no doubt want to get one for Jobey, and how exciting about you holiday! x

  3. These things are always for the parents first, then the children get a look in afterwards! Hope Little Z gets a look in, gutted that I won’t see you at Britmums but enjoy your week away!

  4. How cool is THAT?!? I got 3 Trunkis back in the day when they were new on the market and the only choices were pink or blue. Needless to say, I got one pink and two blue! And they are STILL used to this day. At 6 & 7, my kids now know that they are totally responsible for their Trunkis – packing them and transporting them – and they truly make travelling easier… in the boring bits, they simply sit on their Trunkis or (if the space is not quite big enough), they race. I suspect it terrifies other travellers, and I do sometimes think they should come with crash helmets, but by and large they were a really great investment. Enjoy your hols!! xx

  5. That’s a nice one! My mother in law bought the boys a Fire Engine one and the Gruffalo one for Christmas. They love them and we’ll be using them for our holiday in August.
    Enjoy! xx

  6. Ha ha… brilliant. Sorry you are not coming to Britmums – I would love to meet you. But you are going on holiday… and that’s a good decision especially if you have a busy summer ahead of you!

  7. Brilliant! My husband would have totally gone for that one too! My daughter was looking longingly at the Trunkis at the airport the other day and there were kids her age on them, but they are one of those things which were invented probably a year too late for her. She was already on her way to growing out of them before they appeared on the market. I’m sure Z (and Daddy) will have years of fun with it!

  8. And what a trunki it is! Shame we won’t meet at BM but have a dab holiday! Trunki are sending me some new stuff to try so will let you know when review up. O adores his Trunki we bought recently.

  9. Hope you have a great holiday. Although I am sure you are sorry to be missing Britmums family time is more important and there is always next year. Love the Trunki he will be the coolest little dude at the airport with that 🙂

  10. I have read your post twice (it is late, and I have had a beer) what exactly do you use a trunki for – should I know this?????

  11. We were late to the party and got L her trunki when she was 5, but she’s always been small for her age so that wasn’t a big problem. She is now 6.5 and still uses it for every holiday, plus playing around with at home, and she LOVES it! I also LOVED it every time we travelled with it, absolutely zero regrets….other than not buying it sooner. The best invention ever when travelling with kids! Enjoy 🙂

  12. I love it! It looks fab! We have two trunki’s for our girls but they have yet to ride on them yet- when we went abroad last year Mads was too little and kept falling off and this year we only had to carry it two mins from the car in our holiday cottage! x

  13. They’ve got so much posher Trunki’s haven’t they? This one is ace. I’m with you on the holiday – it will be brilliant and you’ll have the most amazing time 🙂

  14. That is a brill Trunki! My Chips would LOVE it! And I’m glad you’ve booked a holiday,it will be fab xxx

  15. ha, I’ve just been writing about the trials of travelling with a trunki. They are great and the kids love them but they do lend themselves towards being a vehicle for mischief in airports – just saying 😉

  16. Oh My God that is gorgeous. No wonder your hesitation in your most recent post.
    We just have a standard green one that we got at Xmas in July a few years ago. It goes everywhere with us and we love it xx

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