Dearest Toddler – 2 Years and 7 Months

Hello Toddler!

Its that time of the year again where you age another month. You’re now 2 years and 7 months or as your Grandad keeps saying, “nearly 3! When are you going to sort out his nursery?!?”. I keep zoning out as soon as he asks.
There is time…there is time…..there is…ok I’ll sort it this week. Really.

Actually, you’ve been asking to go constantly and learning even more nursery rhymes from your cousin A. Your favourite one at the moment is Humpty Dumpty, mainly because you get to throw yourself off the top of the sofa at the end, laugh hysterically, climb to the top and do it all over again. Occasionally you stop for a bit of a breather; mainly when you’ve jumped too far and hurt your bum on the floor.

You’re now saying words like “Because” and “I think”….it makes you sound so much older, like there is a genuine thought process going on in that little head, giving your opinions on everything. With this ever expanding vocabulary you now tell us stories about your day. They range from what you did to where you went and even stories about me. In fact, your Aunty rang me the other day to check I was ok because you’d told her I’d fallen down and banged my head. I hadn’t. I think your imagination is ever growing too at the moment!

You’ve also become slightly dramatic over the last few weeks. You are now having tantrums where, if I don’t pick you up, you will lie on the floor on your back and shout…

“Help me!”

“Help meeee!”


It just gets louder and louder and can go on for ages. We found it hilarious at first. Then we wondered what the neighbours must think of us. They probably think we’re completely crazy.

You’re developing your bargaining skills quite nicely, pleading “last one mummy?” when you want to do something naughty. You hope that repeating yourself constantly will break me. I think those that use torture as a way to get secrets out of prisoners should study toddlers for a while.

You still run, skip and hop everywhere. I think you may have forgotten how to walk and how to get there in a relaxed fashion. Everything is “COME on!” and the only acceptable speed is in a rush, usually by running. Maybe I should warn the nursery of the little hurricane they’ll be taking on?

We’ve mostly been enjoying the sun these past few weeks and you’ve enjoyed going to the farm, the park and blowing bubbles constantly. You’ve taken quite a liking to your Daddy’s power wash machine. It all sounds very loud in the garden these days as he shouts “No..noo..noo…no touching!”.

Like I keep saying, if he put it away it wouldn’t be played with 😉


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52 thoughts on “Dearest Toddler – 2 Years and 7 Months”

  1. Oh, I’m loving this age and the increased vocabularly. If I don’t respond to CK the moment he wakes up he shouts, ‘help me, help me, is there anyone there, I’ve been left all alone’. Cheeky little monkies.

  2. I was going to say I miss those days, but I have it all to come with my 21 month old (my final child from my brood of 3) I am now following you from twitter and following your blog too, I have just started my own today and look forward to getting to know you and your blog more, the more I read much love from

  3. I have to say I read this out loud to my husband as our 18-month old (today) has his first day of nursery tomorrow (ok today in a few hours)… We had were laughing and snorting over your blog – could completely relate as this is our second child entering nursery – the first was just as independent as yours – and we’re thinking the second is going to be the same (we’ve been auditing nursery – going in with him but he could care less that we were there)… thank you for this. My sides are hurting from the experience.

  4. Gorgeous post. He sounds a delight and so very articular for his age! You really do need to sort out that nursery Mrs, he’ll be going to school before you get make an enquiry!

  5. i can see a few similarities here with Jenson like Help me mummy please, when he is too tired to walk anywhere lol. it is a fun age and they are such little characters at the moment arent they? those ride on tractors look great fun – my two would enjoy riding them.

  6. That is so lovely! This year between 2 and 3 is huge in terms of their development and it is amazing to see how much they are coming on. Good luck with those tantrums

  7. Ah our boys seem very similar in age and what they’re saying. I love the ‘help me!’, mine is saying that too, sounds so funny. And he’s also saying stuff that suddenly makes him sound much older, I know what you mean 🙂

  8. I love these posts of yours – they really resonate too as POD is only a month younger. This age is just wonderful, I’m going to miss it when they’re bigger! Thank you for your lovely comment on the What’s The Story Linky 🙂

  9. i remember that age with Sophie nursery will be amazing for him and your see so huge changes then when he hits 3 and a half he will be completly different again, make sure you get time for a cuppa tea while he is at nursery

  10. I love that you keep a record like this. I love how he is using speech, this is alien to me :0) On the plus side I don’t get the “Help ME!” issues lol.

    Thanks for linking up with Small Steps Amazing Achievements :0)

  11. Oh, sooo much of that is happening here! It took me a while to figure out E’s dramatic tales about everyone and their aunt falling over and banging their head (always accompanied by a wobbly bottom lip) was just his imagination going into overdrive! 😉 It’s such a funny age!

  12. ahh, i love to see their personalities coming out. who knew a toddler could torture so well!? its so hard not to laugh / scream / cuddle and kiss them when they repeat everything a million times! the pobs favourite at the mo is (when i’m in another room) ‘where ahhh you mummy’ ‘mummy ahhh you in kitchen?’ ‘mummy come play in the toy room’….love them! x

  13. What is it with these toddlers and Humpty Dumpty?! My two are constantly playing it, taking turns to fall (push each other) off the sofa and laugh hysterically while I scream in terror that they will hurt themselves – they think I’m the crazy one…
    I think Little Z is so ready for nursery – those teachers better get some rest over the summer!

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