The last week has been amazing for weather and we’ve been out pretty much every day, except the hottest part of the day which has been spent trying to plug Little Z with liquids, ice lollies, ice cream…anything cold really! We have all become addicted to Vimto, strawberries, cold showers and ice cubes. Can you believe it? We’re actually having a proper summer.

The only slightly challenging part is that the insect population seems to be taking sanctuary in our house. They are popping out from everywhere. You can be sat quietly one minute and running for your life, usually in circles around your front room, the next. I’m not a fan of spiders. Not quite to the blood curdling screaming levels but enough to make me jump off the sofa and start calling the other half.

There is now a myriad of plastic containers scattered around our house to capture them safely and let then out. The crafty buggers just find their way back though.

Of course I’ve been careful not to pass on this irrational dislike of spiders to Little Z. He was curious at first and then a bit uncomfortable at the spiders speedy scuttling. But now, through our awesome parenting this is the usual scenario you find in our house whenever a spider emerges:

[OH enters with massive Daddy Long Legs caught in plastic jug with only paper covering the top. Daddy Long Legs going slightly mental in valiant attempt to escape]

OH: “Look how big he is!”
[Daddy Long Legs flies around looking furious]

Me: [Instant reflex of putting legs on sofa goes into action]
“Get it out, get it out, get it OOOUT!”

Little Z: [Runs up to OH]
“Hi Woolly! Are you ok? What you doing? Are you going outside?”

Still, he’s not scared so we’ve succeeded, right?

Woolly and Tig
(For those that are’t subjected to CBeebies on a regular basis, Woolly is a furry bright blue spider that is the friend of a little girl called Tig.)

(Photo Credit: BBC CBeebies)

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24 thoughts on “Sanctuary”

  1. Am well jel of your lovely weather! I totally hate Hate HATE daddy long legs. They are worse than spiders for me, can’t stand them. Luckily they don’t seem to have them here just poisonous spiders – I’m happy with that give me poisonous spiders over daddy long legs any day. 🙂
    Enjoy the weather.

  2. Aw that is really cute! Yes I think if you can convince him that most of the insect population is the cast of cbeebies that will be a good thing, I wish someone had done that for me as I hate anything bug like and I really struggle this time of year.

  3. I always try not to scream when I see spiders so Iyla doesn’t develop a fear of them but I still usually end up doing it! There was on a towel in my bedroom the other day and I didn’t know what to do so I chucked the whole thing out of my bedroom window! x

  4. Aww bless….
    I used to try not to scream but now my girls have figured out I’m scared they take great pleasure in bringing me bugs & spiders and chasing me around the house with them…

  5. Ahhhhh. Big man jumped out of the bath today over a spider and I somehow picked it up and put it out of the window! I am well impressed with myself!

  6. Total empathy with you on this one – I’ve worked really hard to start liking spiders and it’s pretty much cured me of my phobia. But it all fell apart last week when the monster of all spiders appeared and jumped (yes jumped) around our hallway. Cue Ma Puce sitting the stairs crying and me, having failed to get it in a glass because my hands were shaking too much, having to call the neighbour round to get it out. #EpicMummyFail — though thinking about it, I should make this into a post!!!!

  7. Yeah, you’re right – he’s not scared, so you’ve succeeded! Luckily I’m not very scared of insects, so I haven’t got any fears to pass on/ hide. Sadly my daughter seems to have learned to be scared of them all of her own accord, though!

  8. Hehe! I know! We’ve had spiders, moths, flies, bumble bees, honey bees, daddy long legs, and even one of those long greeny-blue stick-like flying things that you get on bodies of water (we’re not near water!!!). What the hell?

    I’m a catcher of things too generally – in a bid to set a good example (and I love bees – so cute, and of course endangered!). All except for ants when they tunnel into my porch. Out comes the spray – those *******ers can die!!! xx

  9. LOL that sounds just like our house! I had to deal with a massive bee in the house last week, safe to say he was gassed to death with the fly spray for a distance then flung out the window! If all spiders looked like Wooly there would be no problem at all!

  10. We’ve had flying ants, ants, weird looking Beatles, a few wasps, and some humongous spiders and we also get mozzies cos we’re so close to the Thames. I feel like an insect colony has moved in! I don’t mind spiders, hate ants though!!

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