Working Out and Going To Work

If you read my blog you’ll know Little Z loves dancing. It’s his favourite thing in the whole wide world at the moment and I think it would give The Muppets movie a run for its money. In fact, you won’t see my son walk anywhere. When not dashing somewhere in a rush, he will skip or dance his way to his destination. Always prepared. Always ready to bust a move.

He has been loving how I’ve started exercising (That’s right. Don’t laugh. I’ve just started doing the Sleek Technique and am really liking it. Well, as much as anyone as unfit as me can enjoy exercise I mean).

He joins in with all the vigour an energetic toddler can muster, which is a lot, and bounces around me as I stretch and crunch and will those abs to turn all slender and sleek and mostly just flatter than they are right now. Of course he will more often than not, land on top of me and any peeping Tom at my window would understandably mistake it for wrestling. (Thankfully we don’t have any peeping Toms. Being winded by a toddler constantly is embarrassing enough without having spectators giggling around your front garden). On the positive side he does encourage me to keep going by mostly shouting “Come on Mummy. Dance!!” as I collapse in a heap from my 8th sit up. My very own free personal trainer.

Although something’s happened this week that could hinder his personal training position slightly. He must have seen the state of the economy, all the cuts proposed in the recent spending review and my own take on it and decided he should help. Yesterday, on our way out he declared “I’m going to work!” and wouldn’t leave without his toy laptop.

Ahh it would be fine, we thought, we’ll just leave it in the car. It turns out he has a strong work ethic. He insisted on carrying it around the shops as he danced along the aisles and telling anyone that asked that he was, indeed, going to work.

We haven’t yet worked out what he does at work.


29 thoughts on “Working Out and Going To Work”

  1. Lovely post. My youngest has decided dancing is the way forward. Yesterday I noticed him copying my every move, and with it I realised his future as a dancer is severely hindered by my technique of flailing limbs.

  2. Bless him! Meg always puts a bowl on her head and announces she is going to work…funny what they think our work looks like!!

    Well done on your exercising too. I’ve just started the 30 day shred and am just about getting into the swing of it now.


  3. Mads totally does this too- She sits at Mr E’s computer and says I am working. We ask her what does she do and she just repeats herself! Well done on working out- I need to do this so badly! x

  4. Your Z and my POD are definitely twins in the making – she loves dancing too! She’s not taken it to the streets yet though. That must have been really helpful having him say “Come on Mummy. Dance” hilarious! I love that he’s off to work already too – very resourceful 🙂

  5. That’s so cute! My toddler just started showing his interest in dancing too, and almost everything else he sees Daddy do (which is good and bad at the same time)! Here from #PoCoLo

  6. Love it! Buddy loves to dance (although not that much!) and we giggled as he pranced around the supermarket singing “Walks Like Rhianna” this week. I love their concept of “work” especially as I work from home so my two can’t figure out what I do!

  7. this is soo funny i can just picture him dancing and laughing at you lol
    Jenson has recently taken to going to work in his office with his phone which means sitting at his table in the playroom, with an old keyboard and his toy phone and he says he is at work like daddy hee hee
    cute x

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