A Road Trip With A Toddler

I love road trips. Pre little Z we would pile into a people carrier and make our way down to London for many not so important reasons. If I think about it now Im not even really that sure I can rattle off a list of why we went so often. Any excuse for a big meet up really. Of course that all went out the window when Little Z came along and we “settled down”. Big meet ups are a lot less frequent now unless there’s a genuine big reason.

This weekend presented us with one such big reason so off we went, down South, for a reunion. With Little Z in tow. And of course there are a lot of differences between making a trip to London as a couple and one where you have a toddler with you. The main differences being:

1. Being very pleased at teaching the toddler how to say “London baby!”

2. Regretting it about half an hour into the journey after realising that phrase has already been repeated 35 times.

3. Spending the journey singing songs and plying the toddler with snacks.

4. Being very excited about the girls only meal that’s going to take place that evening. The CHILDLESS girlie meal.

5. Being slightly envious of the kids play areas as your OH later shows you what a good time Little Z had.


6. Being very grateful for the exclusive girlie time nonetheless.

7. Trying and failing to get Little Z to eat a decent meal all weekend

8. Enjoying watching Little Z make friends with the children of the people you’ve been friends with since the age of 5.

9. Trying to get said toddler to sit still for a few minutes with little success.

10. Spending time persuading Little Z that the hotel we’re staying at is actually very nice and he really has no need to be sad or cry about wanting to “goooooo hooooooome!”.

11. Watching toddler take a shine to a random hotel guest at breakfast. Then having to rescue random hotel guest at the point where toddler isn’t letting him pass and instead is trying to run through his legs.

12. Being relieved that random hotel guest finds whole scenario funny.

13. Watching toddler try to follow same random hotel guest as he checks out.

14. Trying to figure out with OH why toddler liked that particular guest so much.

15. Driving home after a brilliant trip pondering whether Little Z is ready for central London yet.

16. Stopping for late lunch and watching toddler polish off a strawberry ice cream sundae at the speed of light.


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104 thoughts on “A Road Trip With A Toddler”

  1. What a brilliant post Tas, sounds like it was an interesting road trip. And fun too! Love the idea of Z taking a shine to a random guest and trying to run through his legs – brilliant! Thank you so much for sharing with #whatsthestory
    Charly Dove recently posted…The Emerald LakesMy Profile

  2. ha! That made me laugh – it is so funny when you teach them phrases you instantly regret as they annoy the hell out of you! teehee x Mine would demolish that Sundae in minutes too – it’s a toddler talent… even when they’re not hungry… LMAO xx
    WallyMummy recently posted…#LazyBabyMy Profile

  3. It was so nice that you stopped by to leave a comment about my grandparents post. I for sure had to come visit you. Number 8 on your list I especially love. That’s just really neat. Nice to meet you. I’m for sure going to follow you. Looks like you must post some really great things with all your comments and strong following. I can’t wait. I have meet just recently a few new gals from England. It’s really nice.

    Your new friend

  4. Sounds like a successful trip – much braver than us; we still won’t dare taking our two away anywhere! Glad you all had a good time and got back safely before the storm hit too. πŸ™‚
    Tom recently posted…I dream of sleepMy Profile

  5. What a lovely post. It really made me smile. What a a lovely weekend you all had. Our road trips are somewhat limited at the moment because of 2 little people who get very, very travel sick. Little Z sounds like a little treasure, it made me laugh that he took a shine to a stranger. So cute πŸ™‚
    Loubelle recently posted…Decorating candlesMy Profile

  6. That ice-cream sundae looks ace. Yes I know, all you’ve said and it’s the sundae which catches my eye. Whenever I have free time away from The Boy and I see a photo of him having fun, I get insanely jealous that I wasn’t there to enjoy it as well, stupid isn’t it? Glad you had some Tas time, The Boy adores London. Next summer you should bring them both down to London for Britmums weekend and take him on the London Eye, Z would love it.

    Popping over from blogsRus share thread.
    TheBoyandMe recently posted…365 Photographers: A Kilt & A CameraMy Profile

  7. How funny! I often get little kids on the bus taking a shine to me. It is very funny as, not having had children myself, I have no idea what to say! lol!

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