Dearest Toddler – Aged 2 Years and 10 Months

Hello Little Z,

Another month has passed and you’re edging ever closer to the grand old age of 3. How on earth has that happened? I know I sound like a complete broken saying it but time really has flown by. It’s like yesterday you were jumping around very happily in your Jumperoo. Then I turnaround and you’re nearly ready for pre-school. I have almost accepted it in my head though, which is good. I think I was in denial about it for a bit.

You are becoming more and more of a chatterbox and your Daddy and I constantly remark how you must have taken after your Mummy / Daddy. You’re still very shy around strangers but you’re coming out of your shell slowly. Especially with the neighbour that lives opposite. Each morning we’re bundling you into the car as she is rushing out of her door to walk her four dogs with the big floppy ears. Each morning she calls out “Morning!” to you and you shout the same back to her. She’s not there when we come back but you always ask me where “Morning gone?”.

You’re becoming a bit more of a bossy boots and constantly telling us what order to do things in e.g “I have bath first then you can have shower, okay?”. Everything ends with “Okay?”. I know I should try to stop you from saying this but we just stifle our giggles mostly.

You’re also obsessed with fixing everything with the “screwdryer”, including my tummy on one ocassion when I was feeling really ill.

The last month has been really manic with Mummy’s work and there’s been a lot of times when Ive had to take calls with you around, so we’ve not spent as much time together as I’d like but I’m hoping it all sorts itself out soon. In the meantime I’ve been pondering about spending quality time together and making the most of it before you have to start school full time when you turn 5. I know that’s a couple of years off yet but I want to squeeze in as much fun as possible and have us all do brilliant memorable things together and, in a sense, live spontaneously, as much as we can.

Sounds lovely doesn’t it?

It took several versions of that speech to work on your Daddy. But after many passionate speeches we are going to Malaysia soon on holiday. That was the Plan B I was talking about last month. Exciting huh? You’ll love it! Apparently the flight is fairly lengthy in total but we’ll not think about that just yet. By the time we get back it’ll almost be time for our birthday. How exciting!

There’s also a little potential project brewing at the moment. It actually all started as a bit of a joke one night when I was working. It’s not quite sorted yet but I’ll tell you all about it next month if it does manifest. Actually, you’ll probably know the outcome from all my excited screaming!

You must be the only two year old I know that’s still not potty trained but I’m not that bothered yet. Seeing as you still constantly lie to me when I’ve asked if you’ve done a poo I don’t think you’re ready yet!

Oh, and that photo is of you playing with a bazillion ducks, I helped you make the nice neat line and then you wouldn’t let me put them away. Your Grandad bought a whole box of them that are meant to go into a ball pond and split them between you and your cousin A. We keep finding little ducks EVERYWHERE!

So until next time toddler…I mean, Little Z…Mwah!!


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39 thoughts on “Dearest Toddler – Aged 2 Years and 10 Months”

  1. That was nice 🙂 don’t worry about potty training. Olivia is one of the few from our group who still used nappies bit she isn’t ready and there’s no rush.

    I believe it’s quite clear when they are ready.

  2. I love ‘where Morning gone?’ So cute. I was amazed how many ducks he’s got! My eldest was 3 and 2 months when he was potty trained (my daughter was only 2 and 2 months!). They all manage it when they’re ready.

  3. I do love your dearest toddler posts, they crack me up in parts too. I especially like “Mornings Gone”, “screwdryer” and everything ending with “Okay”. POD does the latter and if it’s not Okay, it’s “Yes” posed as a “don’t disagree with me Mummy” kind of statement. How fabulous you have a trip to Malaysia to look forward to and it sounds like you have some exciting plans in the pipeline too. Look forward to hearing about it. Thank you for sharing with #whatsthestory

  4. Mine’ snot potty trained either and he’s going to be three at the weekend. We’ve had a couple of attempts (one at his insistence) but he hated it and cried to go back in nappies. He has an operatic coming up in a couple of weeks so I think we’ll wait until he’s recovered from that.

    Very jealous about your big holiday. Don’t worry too much about the flight. CK has become a much better flier as he’s got older and there’s so much for them to look at. It’ll fly by.

  5. Such a sweet letter to your Little Man. Must say I’m very jealous about your holiday! Friends jetted off to Malaysia yesterday, must be the place to go 😉 Look forward to hearing more about your project #MagicMoments

  6. Sounds like he is a great little chap! I really wouldn’t fret the potty training. We didn’t start my son properly until he was 3 as he just wasn’t ready. Good luck when you do decide to give it a go!

  7. You are right not to be bothered about the potty training – children who are about to start school (and some in school) still haven’t been so you have a long way to go yet.

  8. Hope your project will materialise as you hope and your travel will take place as planned. My little one didn’t want to hear about the potty till she was over 2 and then did it in a few day so never worry!

  9. Love the photo! Bob isn’t potty trained yet either. I am posting our potty diaries in stages so on my blog at the moment it seems like she’s doing well but when we went on holiday it all went wrong. Malaysia sounds fab! How exciting! x

  10. Brilliant. Love the duck picture. Hope you have that up somewhere. Toddlers like order huh?! Enjoy Malaysia x

  11. Two is still very early on the potty training front. Wouldn’t worry till he is 3. They do say ‘Start at 2, end at 3. Start at 3, end at 3.’ We started at 3 years 2 months and it took 4 or 5 months. There’s no point starting too early to my mind.

  12. How exciting a holiday, love all the ducks, kind of thing that happens to us buy something and it gets scattered across the house! Lovely insight into your month 🙂 x

  13. Before little man was potty trained, I started to get worried whether he would ever do it, then my mum reminded me that she’s never seen any grown-up wearing nappies, so don’t worry, it will happen when the time is right! 🙂 x #PoCoLo

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