Dearest 3 Year Old – Happy Birthday!

Hello Little Z,

It’s your birthday!! Happy Birthday! 3 years old! I’m not sure how I have a 3 year old but it feels like you’re grown up and like a proper child doesn’t it? Does this mean I should stop calling you a toddler now? OR I could just do what I like and call you a toddler anyway? Yeah, I like that. Lets do that. Till I’m over this denial bit.

You were born on a very snowy day at precisely 07.32am in dramatic fashion but I didn’t meet you till precisely 09.20am when I woke up with a massive morphine hangover. I was pretty high on painkillers but you were very lovely and were quietly taking in all your surroundings. There’s something called the “power of the first hour” which we didn’t have but we didn’t need it one bit. We bonded straight away and it’s been a journey and half all the way. I started this blog when you were 5 months old to try remember as much as I could about you growing up. You can read my first Dearest Baby” post right here.

I never thought I’d keep this blog up this long but I’m glad I did. It’s nice to look back and see how you were and how you are now and it’s SO easy to forget the little things. Like reflux. That was a fun time. When muslins were surgically attached to me!

You’ve really blossomed over the last year. I remember worrying to bits about your confidence. You were so scared of other people that you’d hide behind me for hours when someone came to visit and peek out every so often to check if they were still there. It was like having a permanent koala bear attached to me. You’re still nervous around new people but, a year on, you’ll say hello and attempt a conversation all by yourself. It’s very sweet to watch.


You love rough and tumble and no height is too high to attempt to jump off. Your Daddy and I could be in the Fantastic Four with the speed of our reflexes now. One of these days we need to explain to you about how you really aren’t a Hollywood stunt man.

If I think about it I’d say we’ve been lucky with the terrible twos. We kind of escaped the worst end of tantrums. I get the feeling that the terrible threes may possibly make up for it. You’ve recently started tutting and sighing and stomping around when you don’t want to do something. Suddenly the word “Threenager” makes perfect sense. The other day we asked you to say sorry for something naughty that you did and you stood very firm, shaking your head, declaring “No!” repeatedly.

Uh oh.

I suppose it’s good practice for when you’re an actual teen. Your Daddy and I keep proclaiming you get your stubbornness from the other parent. Hopefully our doors don’t come off the hinges in the meantime from all the slamming. It’s like living with both Kevin and Perry!

Having said that, the “Twos” have been so much fun. We’ve been to a trillion family weddings, visited zoos and parks and duck ponds, holidayed in Turkey where you made friends with a dance troupe, learnt to talk non stop, made “friends”, and holidayed in Malaysia. I think we’ll try to pack it with just as much fun for your “Threes” too.

My first panic for your “Threes” is potty training. We’ve been trying on and off this last month but you still don’t seem interested. To be honest, I haven’t been that worried with it yet as you just blatantly lie every single time and aren’t very willing but now that you’ve hit three I’m suddenly thinking it should be done and dusted and out of the way ultra quickly. If you could do it pretty soon then that would be fantastic!

We’ve been a bit naughty and let you open all your birthday presents every day for a week leading up to your actual birthday. Your face has been a picture every day so my lack of willpower has been completely worth it. I think we should make it into a tradition. A whole birthday week. That sounds better than a day doesn’t it? I think so!

So! Until next time…Mwah!


Mum Of One
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64 thoughts on “Dearest 3 Year Old – Happy Birthday!”

  1. What a beautiful post as ever. Happy birthday Little Z!
    I think opening a present a day sounds a good idea, it means he doesn’t get so overwhelmed and will probably appreciate every present more – and you get to see the lovely pleasure on his face every day! Win!
    Sarah MumofThree World recently posted…Christmas concertMy Profile

  2. Lovely post – welcome to the threes. I enjoyed three tremendously with my little friend. The only thing I wasn’t keen on was the potty training. We started at 3 years 2 months mostly because that coincided with the start of warmer weather (May) and we only really finished in September/October. I wouldn’t hurry into it unless he pushes it.
    Z’s already packed in plenty of fun into his first three years hasn’t he? I’m sure this year won’t be any different. Happy Birthday Z!
    Erica Price recently posted…The Last Nativity PlayMy Profile

  3. What a lovely idea – letting him open one present a day. In some ways, I think it’s all too much for them to take it on the one day anyway. Lovely post x PS I am living with Kevin AND Perry at the moment, make the most of every moment having a 3 year old!
    suzanne3childrenandit recently posted…Shop ’til you dropMy Profile

  4. Oh, yes, a birthday week sounds so much better than a birthday! Emma would be all for that, maybe we’ll adopt the idea for next year :-). happy birthday to your little one!
    Linking in from #MagicMoments.
    Oana79 recently posted…The Christmas TagMy Profile

  5. Happy birthday to your beautiful boy! Yay he’s a threenager-hahah! You were lucky not to get terrible two’s-maybe you’ve escaped it entirely! We potty trained in the summer when it was hot so he could run around naked-really helped. Don’t fret it, they do it eventually! What a wonderful landmark-my eldest turns 4 in January and it seriously flies by doesn’t it!
    Honest Mum recently posted…Making My Creative & Personal Plan For 2014My Profile

  6. Such a beautiful post, and what a lucky boy having a whole birthday week! My boy has just turned 3 as well and I began blogging the same time as you too. Where did that time go? I am with you on the potty training. We tried a bit on and off but he is just not bothered so have left it alone for now. Would be nice to get rid of the stinky nappies though πŸ™‚
    Mum of One recently posted…Christmas List to Christmas Bauble: Making MemoriesMy Profile

  7. That was so lovely to read. Happy Birthday Little Z! Little A turns four end of next January, and I am really going to miss her being three. I’ve really enjoyed three; their own little people, and still with the really cute voice. A week’s birthday – what a great idea! have a wonderful Christmas. XXX

  8. Awww lovely. My little boy turns 3 next Tuesday (Christmas Eve) and he sounds very similar except the tantrum bit. He made up for being a lovely placid baby by being an absolute terror from the age of 12 months. He seems to be better now, so I’m looking forward to his 3’s. He’s also not very keen on potty training. Happy Birthday to your lovely boy.
    the40yearold recently posted…The Spirit of ChristmasMy Profile

  9. Loving the weeks worth of birthday idea πŸ™‚ A belated very Happy Birthday to Little Z. Hoep you all had a wonderful day. Thank you for supporting PoCoLo this year x

  10. happy belated 3rd birthday Z, i can still recall reading last years as if it were only a few months ago!
    This is such a lovely post that your mummy has written for you and you do sound like such an adventerous litle boy sand one full of love and mischief and fun – how 3 year old boys should be!
    enjoy him being three Tas – the tempers can be worse but it is still a lot of fun x x
    jenny paulin recently posted…Our Christmas 2013My Profile

  11. Aw, this is a lovely post.

    We’re just over a month behind turning 3 and in similar situation – just going through toilet training now. A lot harder than I thought given how he’s been happy weeing on the toilet morning and evening for a couple of months. Now it’ll only be the potty and still won’t tell me or go on his own. Hopefully he’ll do it before nursery starts back again – or at least be pretty much there. Definitely the hardest bit about parenthood.

    Enjoy 2014 and seeing Z develop further.
    Emma T recently posted…New Year’s Eve – celebration or damp squibMy Profile

  12. Have fun, my daughter’s 3rd year was definitely my favourite…her character developed so much and she became wonderful company. She’s just turned 4 and I’m hoping it will be as much fun as her 3rd year!
    p.s. don’t worry about the potty training, they get it eventually and going to pre-school & copying other children has a massive impact πŸ™‚
    pouch recently posted…Vintage Love: Fisher Price HospitalMy Profile

  13. It was amazing when my Sweet Harry turned 3 it really was so different to 2. Just watch now as he very quickly grows into a little boy, definately not a toddler. SH is now 3 & a quarter & is so smart. Boys are lush xxx

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