Each work morning is the same rushed routine in our house. There always a sense of lateness in the air and if the OH had his way we would get a minute by minute announcement fairly loudly.

Little Z runs around happily whilst we run around shushing him, trying to remind him the neighbours will be sleeping. Trying to get ready and get him ready all at once. Trying to remember all the bags, all the laptops and all the toys that have to go with him to Nana’s house. A military mission day in, day out. As quietly and as quickly as we can.

Packing everyone into the right cars, with the right bags, the right laptops and the right toys. Shouting morning to the neighbour affectionately named “Morning” by Little Z, always asking if he can touch her dogs. “Not right now”, we tell him. Maybe later when we come home.

It’s a nice sort of rush. Sometimes stressful, sometimes tiring. But overall, one that is our normal and our routine.

Then every once in a while its really lovely not to rush in the morning. Not to remember all the bags. And not to worry about disturbing neighbours. Sometimes it’s nice just to wake up and see sunshine and admire the view. Even if its a temporary one.


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16 thoughts on “Morning”

  1. I remember those mornings well when trying to get 2 children out to the childminder, so glad things are more relaxed now. Although the main challenge is stopping Henry waking Matilda up 🙂
    But nothing beats a week or so of slow holiday mornings…
    Ben recently posted…The Gallery – MorningMy Profile

  2. What a fabulous photo Tas, must have been great to wake up to that every day. The rushing is so frustrating especially when it’s because your toddler has hidden her shoes!

  3. That is me every morning! Rushing around like a headless chicken then feeling a sense of calm when I realise we are dead on time and in fact I’m too early at the child minder’s house!
    The picture is lovely, I’ longing for a holiday!
    Tinuke recently posted…Cake and GandhiMy Profile

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