15 Places In The World I’d Like To Visit

January is always a bit of a strange month for me. It’s like I have to settle into the new year. I spend most of the month thinking about what I want to do, where I want to go, what I want to achieve, how and what I want to blog.

One of my “out there” dreams is to go travelling around the world. Of course it is a highly unlikely concept given that I am not disciplined enough to travel on a budget, and of course the bigger restrictions of finance, a full time job and a 3 year old puts those dreams firmly on the back burner, with the gas off. So instead, whilst we can, the OH, Little Z and I will try to visit countries we’ve always wanted to see and absorb the new cultures and experiences as long as we can.

BUT ….what if we could travel around the world. All 3 of us. Without any sort of worries about discipline or budget or a real life? What places would I like to visit? After a bit of quick thinking, this is how my world tour would sort of look.

1. Barcelona
We’d start off in Barcelon and go to see Gaudis Cathedral in Barcelona and soak up a bit of sun on the beach. We’d then pop down to Southern Spain and drive around Granada and Andalucia soaking up more history and learning about the Christian, Moorish and Islamic architecture that shapes a lot of the region. Of course we would have to visit Alhambra Palace too.


2. France
We’d pop across the border and have a tour around Paris and see the Eiffel Tower for the third time. I know its known as the “Awful Tower” by some but I’m always impressed by the sheer size and structure. After popping into Disneyland for the day we’d nip to Versaille Palace to see the grand hall of mirrors and how French royalty used to live.


3. Southern Italy
Having been to Rome a few years back we’d give it a miss and go to Naples and Pisa instead, take some cheesy pictures “pushing the tower” and then go on to spend a few days at the Amalfi coast eating way too much pasta, fresh salads and then overdosing on amazing Italian Gelato.


4. Istanbul
Built in the 17th century the Sultan Ahmed Mosque is known as the Blue Mosque for all the tiles that make up the interior walls. The numerous domes are typical of Ottoman architecture and is apparently one of the highlights of visiting Istanbul.


5. Jerusalem
After a few kebabs we’d fly on down to Jerusalem to probably one of the most historic cities in the religious world and see the Church of Nativity, the Dome of the Rock, the Al Aqsa mosque, the Church of Holy Sepulchre, the Mount of Olives and countless other places.

dome of the rock

6. Valley of the Kings in Egypt
A cruise down the Nile would be next on the list, seeing places like Karnak, Luxor and Abu Simbel and learning all about the grand empire of ancient Egypt.

temple of karnak egypt

7. Seychelles
We’d be ready for a bit of rest and relaxation by this point and Seychelles would be ideal with its glorious sun and amazing beaches.


8. Singapore
One of my mini regrets is not having the time to visit Singapore when we went to Malaysia. Time was short though and its not something we could have crow barred into our 2 weeks. This time we’d spend some time exploring this ultra modern country and spend a few days at Sentosa; the island resort with all its numerous attractions including wildlife parks, hotels and water parks.


9. Angkor Thom Bayon Temple – Cambodia
A quick trip to Cambodia would follow to see the Angkor Thom Bayon Temple. A few people have said its a bit of an anti climax but it’d be one more thing ticked off my list.


10. Thailand
I’d probably eat my own weight in Thai curries here pretty much non stop. Of course I would alternate, to keep it all a bit varied. If our eating schedule allowed we’d nip to Bangkok and to Koi Tapu Island to see some more amazing beaches. Maybe even give Langkawi a bit of a wave.


11. Australia
I’ve never been too interested in Australia until my friend moved there and all the beautiful sights there have suddenly caught my eye. I can see why people spend an entire month just hopping from place to place. After we saw them in Sydney and done all the city sight seeing we’d travel to see Uluru (aka Ayres Rock) and then make our way to the Great Barrier Reef. By now I’d know how to dive so we’d spend a bit of time exploring all the coral reefs and fish that make this beautiful place up.


12. New York New York!
Can you fly from Australia to America? I’m not sure, but in our tour of the world its definitely possible. New York would be first on our list. With trips to the Statue of Liberty, Empire States Building and Times Square we’d walk for a few days straight until our feet fell off. We’d then catch a Broadway show, eat at some amazing places and walk some more.


13. Las Vegas and Grand Canyon
(I realise I should have stuck this and number 12 all under “America” but New York deserves its own little milestone on my world tour).
We’d rest our weary feet on the flight to Los Angeles and check out all the glitz and craziness of Las Vegas, and its world renowned hotels, then calm ourselves with a trip to the Hoover Dam and the Grand Canyon. San Francisco never looks far away so we’d have to nip over out of sheer politeness.


14. Canada
Next on our list would be Canada. We’d drive up North, past the Rockies, see Toronto and all it has to offer and then go onto see the wonder that is Niagara Falls

niagara falls

15. Norway
A bit of a flight later we’d head out one very clear night and perch ourselves on the ground fully wrapped up, with flasks of tea, thick gloves and woolly hats. We’d set the camera up on the tripod and then sit and admire the Northern Lights for a few hours and gape in wonderment at this amazing feat of nature.


And that would be our tour around the world. For now.

Do you have places you’d love to visit one day? What would be on your world tour?

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92 thoughts on “15 Places In The World I’d Like To Visit”

  1. Wow you are going t busy this year!! Some great places on your list though, I love France and although I have been there a few times, I am desperate to go back this year. I would also like to go back to Barcelona too but I really would love to go to America, probably to Florida which is predictable but would be a fantastic holiday for the family.
    Nikki Thomas recently posted…Why everyone needs a Lexon Flip Alarm ClockMy Profile

  2. Love your world tour! I like the way you mix up history and culture with theme parks and modern stuff. Great that you start it prett close to home with France, Spain and Italy. I’d like to go to New York too, and Canada to visit my friend. I’ve been to Thailand and it was beautiful.
    Sarah MumofThree World recently posted…The Gallery: NewMy Profile

  3. Angkor an anti-climax?! Absolutely not. Don’t listen to whoever said that. Whilst you’re there, pop over to Vietnam – wonderful place and food to die for. I’d love to visit Japan – I’ve never been but it looks fun. Places to revisit? That would be Syria but sadly I don’t think that will happen in my lifetime. Would love to have taken the kids there.

  4. Wow, that’s one epic tour! So with you on Norway for the Northern Lights. I’d love to do a tour around Europe and really explore what’s pretty much on our doorstep πŸ™‚
    MummyNeverSleeps recently posted…All the Small ThingsMy Profile

  5. What a brilliant selection Tas – I’d love to go to lots of those places. I lived in Australia for 2 years in the nineties – you can definitely go to the States from there.

  6. Good list! I’ve either done these or they are on mine. I did Barcelona but would love to go back – love Gaudi – parc Guell is nice.

  7. I have been to five of the places on your list, but there’s so many places I would love to go. I am a massive travel fan and would just up sticks and leave and travel if I didn’t have responsibility. Three of the main places on my wish list are Japan, Indonesia and Las Vegas! x

  8. Some great destinations there – I say that; I’ve only been to two or three of them! A word of warning about Naples though – it’s terrifying! We went there on the first leg of our honeymoon and wish we hadn’t! Much better to stay a little further along the coast or inland to use as a base for exploring the beautiful places nearby. πŸ™‚

  9. You have picked so many of my dream destinations here, including Barca to see the Gaudi architecture, The Grand Canyon, Norway to see The Northern lights, Canada for Niagra and Valley of the King in Egypt. My gas is off as well but it’s important to dream!
    Chrissie recently posted…LUSH Feeling Secure EyelinerMy Profile

    1. Ooh Mexico would be fantastic wouldn’t it? All that food and sun and historical places to see, how good would that be!

  10. This is one of the things we decided when we stopped having children. We’ve done France, Spain and Holland so far. I asked the children what they would like to do or where to go this year and the first thing my 10 year old said (very excitedly) is America.

    1. One of my dreams is to do a massive road trip through America – and just try all the different foods and see all the different sights. Ahhhh….*dreams some more* πŸ™‚

  11. Like Katie I have been to many of the places on your list and can vouch for each one that they should definitely remain on your list. All fab places you have listed and almost all of them on my own list. Love to travel. Would it be great to go on a year travel to the amazing wonders of the world and then come back and everything be done and caught up with you as if you never left. lol Travelling makes me more worldly and I love that. Great post. #PoCoLo

  12. This is awesome all those brilliant places to visit. Lucas thinks he would like to visit all those places just to try all the different sweeties and see whether Haribo taste different in another country! #pocolo
    KidGLloves recently posted…Dear Lucas: The Word DoctorMy Profile

    1. I’ve only been to Rome in Italy – would love to see even more of the country. And ofcourse eat everything in sight!

    1. Oooh I’d love to go Singapore one day – its just so far from here that you kind of have to prepare for the jet lag straight away.

  13. Where to start! I’ve done quite a few on your list. I’d like to travel around more of Sweden and Norway, visit Finland and Baltic States, Russia, Australia, New Zealand and I’ve promised myself that I will go on Safari in Africa one day, and then there’s South America …… #PocoLo
    Mary @over40andamumtoone recently posted…Time for a watch?My Profile

  14. The only places on your list I have been to are France – Versaille as a day trip on a long weekend to Paris, and Las Vegas where we did a day trip of a cruise down the Colarado river to see the Hoover Dam and then a light aircraft flight over the Hoover Dam to the Grand Canyon. Amazing experience! Would definitely recommend flying over the Grand Canyon if you get the chance #PoCoLo
    Donna recently posted…Saturday Caption – 18th January 2014My Profile

  15. Oh some beautiful destinations there. We’ve holidayed quite a bit with the kids and they’ve loved it. Worried for super long haul though like SA and Australia! Not brave enough x

    1. I think I completely underestimated how long it would take to go to Malaysia so it was a bit of an accident in the end but that was soooo long – we didn’t feel it so much going there but definitely felt it coming back πŸ™‚

    1. Doesnt the Seychelles sound soooo relaxing. Although I hear there’s plenty to do when you get there if thats what you’re looking for.

  16. You chose wonderful places to visit! I wish you’d see all of them, and soon πŸ™‚ We’ve been to some of your world tour and want to visit some of the others. I think we are getting to a point when travelling with the boys will be easier, so now it’s “just” the money-school-work thing. I would start from Europe (love, love, love Italy and France. Less Spain) and then the US and Canada… Ah, dreams πŸ™‚
    Orli D recently posted…Week 2 in hellMy Profile

    1. Thank you – yes balancing it all is the most difficult bit isn’t it? Plus so much harder when little ones start school too!

  17. I’ve been to Barcelona (going back in 17 days), Paris and Las Vegas (but not the Grand Canyon, it’s a few hours journey and I didn’t think it would be worth it for me) And they were all fabulous. If you book at the right times of year then it doesn’t have to be expensive!! πŸ™‚ Vegas is definitely my fave. Hands down!! xx
    Kate Hurn recently posted…Rapid Brow Eyebrow Enchancing Serum: Part 1My Profile

  18. Fab post, visiting again via #allaboutyou with my (excuse the pun) style hat on! We love travelling here and luckily spent a lot of our childhood in the South of France, travelled quite a bit with the kids but so many more places I hope to take them!
    Mummysgotstyle recently posted…A Girly Night InMy Profile

  19. I love your list and have to agree with a few of those, like Southern Italy. I have visited New York and Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon and they’re all amazing. The sheer size of the Grand Canyon is breathtaking.

    There’s one place that I’d love to go but not really sure why and that’s Moscow. I want to stand in front of Saint Basil’s Cathedral and just stare. It’s somewhere that’s always been on my wish list but I don’t think I’ll ever get the opportunity to go.
    Morgan Prince recently posted…A New ProjectMy Profile

    1. Ahh that sounds magical – I think I’d love to see it one day too and see the Kremlin too (and understand why all the domes are different colours)

  20. What a fantastic list, I’ve visited a few, but so so so many more to venture to and discover. I would have to say though that none of the sights at Angkor Wat in Cambodia are anticlimactic, it’s all amazing, with monks and monkeys adding to the surrealness of it all! Thanks so much for linking this to #AllAboutYou – off to tweet now! x
    Mama and More aka Zaz recently posted…All About You link & pin party – Week 3My Profile

  21. Gosh, what a list, I’ve been to around half these places and yes, you can fly from Australia to America (not that I’ve done it!). You’re making me want to get on and book my holidays for this year, loving your thought processes. Thanks so much for linking up to #AllAboutYou, just off to pin this post to the #AllAboutYou Pinterest Board
    Luci – mother.wife.me recently posted…#AllAboutYou Link & Pin Party Week 3My Profile

  22. What a fabulous post! I’m lucky in that I’ve ticked a few places off this list, but like you my wanderlust for travel continues to burn. I do so hope you manage to perhaps make it to at least one place on this list this year, even if it is only in your dreams πŸ™‚ Wonderful. x

    P.S Visiting your blog for the first time (hello!) and linking up with #AllAboutYou
    Katie / Pouting In Heels recently posted…LESSONS FROM ELSIE: The gift of undivided attentionMy Profile

  23. What a great list of places to visit. That pic of the Seychelles is almost painful though on a dull January day.
    I haven’t been to Jerusalem, Israel or Norway but have been to the others and can say without a doubt you need to push Angkor up the list. I didn’t think it was anticlimactic, it was spectacular!
    You make me want to write a list and start crossing them off myself. The northern lights would be on there for sure, and Positano. Always wanted to go there.
    bluebirdsunshine recently posted…Easy Sugar Free Blueberry SconesMy Profile

  24. , thank you very much for posting this! It is going to help when I am thinking about going to River Park Square 20 in Spokane! I am from Doylestown so I am not familiar with Spokane. Next time I see my family will be so much better! Outstanding!

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