2013 – The Year That Was

We have slowly emerged from our days and days of potty training and abandoned plans to build the ark to protect us from all the wee and all the rain that was lashing down day after day.

This hazardous journey meant I completely forgot to do the annual round up post. And better late than never so here goes…

2013 started off very snowy and beautifully. We were trapped indoors for a few days but we didn’t mind one bit. Little Z built his first snowman (or rather, he got bored halfway and ran off to the warmth of the conservatory and watched me finish it off). All the time couped up indoors made me ponder about what Mummy Love is REALLY about.


In February I discovered the wonderfully feature known as the Twitter archive and ended up taking a trip down memory lane to one very sleepless night when Little Z was only a few weeks old. I also enjoyed using the snowman we had build as an aid to good parenting. It worked. For a while anyway. Little Z meanwhile extended his sympathies to a yellow turtle that was having a bit of an identity crisis.

Yello Turtle

Little Z continued to be fairly mischievous through the months and, in March, tried to conquer his Everest; the cousin who isn’t keen on little kids. Almost a year on she still isn’t and he still loves winding her up.

We got more confident taking Little Z out to eat and he got more co finder turning into a backseat driver. He also got curiouser and curiouser with all his questions and parenthood suddenly started getting mentally taxing as I struggled to answer certain questions.


We took a trip to Turkey in June and fell in love with the resort and its historical surroundings. We liked it so much we keep talking about going back to the same place. Well, ok it’s mainly me but I’m pretty sure I’m speaking for everyone.


We spent July visiting beautiful places a lot closer to home, like Hesketh Farm, as well as contemplating whether we’re content and if contentment is important.

Field Hesketh

We spent August celebrating Eid with the very huge family and enjoyed all the very nice food. We also spent some time thinking about a modest list of what we’d like for Little Z at preschool.

Little Z became more and more of a chatterbox over the summer and we enjoyed a road trip to London to see friends in October. Road trips are definitely different with toddlers in tow!


We finished the year off with a big family wedding and a trip to Malaysia. It was an amazing experience, especially the trip to Kilim in Langkawi and well worth the 24 hour journey. (Of course it didn’t feel like it at the time!)

Its been a year that’s passed by in a blur but looking back we’ve done so much and it’s been largely a happy one. I wish I’d finished off my e-book but alas, it wasn’t meant to be and it’s now my plan to do it in 2014. I will make my millions and then we’ll all go travelling around the world for a bit. One can dream.

Failing that, if 2014 is just as happy as 2013 was then that would be perfect.

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