Dearest Little Z – 3 Years and 1 Month

Hello Little Z,

You’re almost potty trained. Hooray!! Well, if you don’t count night time and the odd accident then you most definitely are. I have to admit I was stressing a lot about it and worried how long it would take you, especially as you start preschool next month. It ill just over a week and a half which wasn’t too bad. You’re still not 100% reliable but we’re almost there I think. You still need constantly reminding and going out is slightly nerve wracking but your new found hobby involves an interest in everybody elses bodily functions. You constantly declare it is our turn after you’ve had your own on the loo and then demand we go even if we don’t want to. A trip to the loo can take a really really long time. BUT you are almost trained (if we don’t count outside and night time) and that is the main thing. Really. Really.

After our 6 or 7 days indoors over Christmas / potty training period we were starting to lose track of the days and it was like time was a bit suspended. We sat around in the warmth and watched lots of movies and we went for walks to the park. After a long and busy year it was really nice to just do nothing, just the three of us. Come the new year it’s been good to get back to normality too.

This month you’ve decided you just don’t need to draw breath anymore. You talk and talk and talk and talk. From the minute you get up you chatter away till the minute you finally fall asleep. If you don’t know the word or sentence you’ll just make it up, especially when we ask why you’ve done something wrong. The response you give us usually goes something like this…

“Because my got scared then it got dark then I went there and he said no and then my came back ….and …and…and…and” etc.

We’re not really sure how you’ve come up with this extra long story but we get the same story for most things. You’ll even entertain your aunts and uncles on the phone for ages. You used to hate talking on the phone and they used to constantly insist so there’s a lot of happy people listening to you telling them very important things down the phone.

You seem to have a brand new friend. Someone called Benjamin. A lot of things now start, “Benjamin did it”. Who the heck is Benjamin? He tends to do the odd naughty thing but we’ve never met him. You’re a bit young to have an imaginary friend aren’t you? We’ve been trying to find out what he looks like but you don’t humour us with the detail. We seem to be on a need to know basis when it comes to this imaginary friend. Hmmmm.

Can you believe you start pre-school next month? I’m fully expecting you to cling to my leg for a few days before you get used to it. I think you’re going to love it once you’re familiar with it all but I’m thinking there’s going to be a lot of tears for a bit. Eek. And do you remember that little boy down the road? The one that could walk and talk and run and fly and qualify for the Olympics all before he was one years old? He’s joining too I think. Who knows. You may even become friends.

We’ve got a Furby Boom to review this week and now we have 2 chatterboxes in the house now. It’s pretty noisy at the moment with all the constant non stop chatter going on. I’m also having to constantly remind both you and your Daddy to take turns and “share share”. Its quite a clever little furry thing that reminds me of Mogwi from the Gremlins movie. We tried to make you watch it once but you lost interest after about a minute. It has a few personalities and according to how it feels it’ll chat in different tones and voices. Its cute and strange all at once. And it does….not….shut….up. Wow. That Furby may take a bit of a long holiday soon. Maybe.

So until next time….Mwah!!

Dearest 3 year old 1 month old

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48 thoughts on “Dearest Little Z – 3 Years and 1 Month”

  1. Oh bless him! I’m so glad the potty training is going well. Yes we have two Furbies which is my idea of hell I think as they talk to each other and wake each other up. I have developed a really good knack of picking them up so carefully that they don’t turn on and if they do, I lie them straight back down to get them back to sleep.
    Nikki Thomas recently posted…Just my cup of teaMy Profile

  2. Brave potty training over Christmas holidays, but pleased it went well. Thankfully we are now past the potty and furby stage…they remind me ever so slightly of Gremlins (although that is probably down to sleep deprivation). Dropping in from #magicmoments.
    sarahhillwheeler recently posted…Talking Tom & BoyMy Profile

  3. Bless him! Glad the potty training worked out pretty quickly in the end. He’s bound to have the odd accident. I hope Benjamin doesn’t cause too much trouble! My daughter briefly had about nine imaginary friends. It started with two – Mr Fox and Curly. They were always being rude. Then they got lots more friends. Then one day five of them died (which was a bit of a relief as they were getting out of hand!).
    Sarah MumofThree World recently posted…Lessons in decoratingMy Profile

  4. Awwwww bless him mashallah! Love the incessant chat that comes with being 3! Well done both of you on the potty training – you’ve done really well 🙂 Blimey you’re brave letting one of those noisy Furbys into the house haha!! X

  5. Glad the potty training is going well, my 3 years and 2 month old is not in the least bit interested at the moment! We too have a Furby, eldest got it for Christmas. Both children love it, I’m undecided…..but it has it’s moments as it entertains them for quite a while.
    Iona@Redpeffer recently posted…Love never endsMy Profile

  6. Haha, 2 chatterboxes in the house, this house bar my husband (poor, poor husband) is full of them (chatterboxes that is, not furbies) Ha! The start of pre-school is a little tough on you both then it becomes a wonderful world of discovery, new friendships, learning and most importantly fun xx
    Honest Mum recently posted…Oliver’s 4th Birthday Pirate PartyMy Profile

  7. Oh wow what a wonderful post Tas. So glad the potty training is almost there, must be such a relief over these past weeks. I’m sure Z will do just great at nursery. Thanks for sharing with #whatsthestory

  8. I’m not getting a furby EVER!!

    Little z sounds like he has done amazingly well with the potty training! Good luck at starting pre-school too, am sure he will be just fine. F is nearly 3 1/2 and has made lots of ‘best friends’ now xxx
    Hurrah For Gin recently posted…Ode to the summer bornMy Profile

  9. Aww such a lovely post. I remember how hard it was leaving all mine at pre school. It was equally had when they cried or just ran along and played happily. We have a furby make me laugh when it wakes up on its own 🙂

  10. So well done on the potty training, it’s such an achievement, and I am sure Little Z will be just fine when he starts pre-school. I saw one of those furbies in J Lewis, quite odd and amusing at the same time, I’ve thought about getting Little A one, so I will tune into that review! X
    older mum in a muddle recently posted…Fright NightMy Profile

  11. Ah…PT is so far a non starter for us so will look forward to that!!
    It is so lovely to be able to have a genuine conversation isn’t it, bitter sweet though as PT, pre school and so on all means that the baby stage is done. 🙁
    Muma Leary recently posted…Love the Little Things!My Profile

  12. Potty training is so stressful, drove me bananas. We carried a potty all round Madrid. Sounds like all is going well, hope it continues.
    Blaming Benjamin for everything made me laugh x

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