Oh Potty Training, How I Hate Thee

Warning: This post talks about wee and poo a LOT!

I have to confess I was absolutely dreading potty training. The thought of my whole house covered in wee and poo accidents was breaking me out in cold sweats. I’m not sure why. I’ve changed nappies for 3 years, been covered in both plenty of times and without sounding too crude, Little Z has never wee’d like a burst water pipe so I didn’t really need to worry about the house being “covered”.

Nonetheless the whole turning 3 and “still not potty trained” thing has raised my stress levels a bit, with the added fact that he starts preschool in 2 months and I’m not sure what their stance is in that department.

So Day 1 started with us “just going for it” by taking Little Zs nappy off, putting him in big boy pants ready to place him on the potty every 15 minutes whilst secretly hoping he would just start going to the loo straight away like some children do.

My hopes were quickly dashed after discovering Little Z isn’t bothered by wet clothes one bit and rather enjoyed weeing on the floor and laughing, occasionally rubbing it into the floorboards with his socks. Joy. The 15 minute method is a good one but I think you have to be prepared for potential chaos the first day.

After many more refusals and repeated cries of “I no potty, I nice and clean!” and my nerves and energy levels hitting breaking point he did manage a couple of successes on the potty before I raised waved the white flag of his nappy and put it back on him by 6.30pm. I was then promptly asleep by 9.30pm (on New Year’s Eve!) and slept through all the fireworks. Probably not the best day to start but do you know how tiring it is to repeat “Do you need to wee?” every 10 minutes for about 12 hours?

Day 2 was a LOT less traumatic. Not because Little Z was any better, but because I finally took heed of the number 1 potty training tip; STAY CALM.

Little Z still enjoyed weeing on the floor a lot but did a few more on the potty, albeit prompted. He does keep demanding I put his nappy back on and I wonder how long it’s actually going to take us.

I have two months to crack this. It’s only wee and poo…it’s only wee and poo…it’s only…

Any tips out there?


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42 thoughts on “Oh Potty Training, How I Hate Thee”

  1. Bribery? I usually find that’s my most effective weapon!

    I think we did little treats (a sweet or a few chocolate buttons) each time F used the potty and bigger rewards for longer term success (toy car). Good luck i hope it gets better soon xxx
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  2. We found that Mads took to it quite well but she still had accidents. We found a sticker reward chart helped to a point but the most effective thing was just to keep asking her if she needed to go. We made it fun and a game and made a game out of washing her hands. Good luck! x

  3. Was laughing all the way through your post but I so feel your pain! POD refused to use the potty initially (unless it was a hat or ship) then insisted on lining it with tissue like a nest (and doing nothing). We tried trainer pants but that only lasted a day – they don’t hold their gubbins like nappies do! We then sent her to nursery in normal pants and changes of clothes. She cracked doing wees in less than 2 weeks, took longer for poos. We did no nappies at bedtime a few weeks later. We gave her star stickers as encouragement initially when she did a pee in the potty. I’ve heard for boys its good to put a ping pong ball in the loo and they take aim! Good luck x

  4. Eek. About to embark on the same with my son. Daughter was potty trained at 2.5yrs and it was a breeze but I understand boys can be trickier! Stick at it as you are – it’s exactly the technique I used and it worked. Throw in some bribery though – chocolate buttons are the universal potty training weapon! Good luck!

  5. Bless you! It can be a nightmare. No tips other than persistence! I did my eldest at 3 and he was hard work. I kind of regretted leaving it that late as it was almost like he was too clever for it and was being deliberately stubborn. It will probably be a stressful few days or weeks, but you will crack it well before pre-school. Good luck!
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  6. Oh Im so sorry but you have made me grin!I do have lots of sympathy though as it IS a stressful time at the beginning. My advice is ‘keep at it’ yes it may be messy and make you want to squeal by the end of the day but it does have to be done so just grit your teeth and carry on.I also think lots of spare clothes helps and just sheer persistence.Its not easy,is it.Remember..they all get there in the end! Good luck and let us know how it goes xxxx #pocolo

  7. And…after a week we’ve had to give up and go back to pull ups.

    At home, N wasn’t too bad. No accidents in the morning (again all prompted trips to the potty/toilet), then he’d hold it all afternoon, then have a huge accident around 5.30 after having already just sat on the potty for ages. Apart from day 1 where he poo’d in the loo, all others were in pants each afternoon. Wasn’t too bad, but like Little Z, he wasn’t fussed about being wet. We had a sticker chart (he could choose the sticker), and a button jar with the aim of getting a Tractor Ted dvd.

    Then yesterday he started back at nursery, but in pre-school room. He’s used to being there, but it was a total disaster. By 11.30 he’d had poo accidents and so many wee accidents that they’d run out of the spare clothes I’d provided, and he was getting stressed about going to the toilet/potty. So they had to revert to pull ups saying he wasn’t ready for pants in the pre-school environment yet. I was expecting accidents but maybe a couple of wees on the loo. So they’ll try again in a couple of weeks, but using pull ups and going to the toilet in conjunction (which is what we’d been doing at home initially).

    Less stress for me, but annoying that we’d not done too drastically at home. Mind you, that was being stuck at home apart from occasional short trips to the shops with no major distractions to put him off going. We can’t live like that, so hopefully in a month or so he might want to do it himself.

    Fingers crossed yours continues ok.
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  8. I really feel for you! I won’t tell you that it took my eldest years to finally get it…!! :-/ E on the other hand had it sussed in about a month or two. I’ve got lots on my blog about potty training, just tweet me if you want the links. In the meantime, just breathe and count to 10! πŸ˜‰ xxxx
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  9. I think potty training for little boys happen later than little girls, although of course all children are different. It also took my daughter’s best-friend (also 3 years-old) awhile to get potty-trained, it just happened, same with my nephew and it happened even later for him (I think he was 4). Just don’t stress yourself out and your little one too, when he’s ready, it will also just happen πŸ™‚ #PoCoLo.
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  10. Please don’t make yourself feel too bad. My son is 3.2 years old and he’s only just started getting interested. I think we make ourselves feel stressed because all the other toddlers around seem to have been trained for ages. I tried so many things and nothing worked but a couple of weeks ago he suddenly decided he didn’t want to wee in the bath so started getting out to go on the toilet. Then a couple of days ago I took his nappy of to air his bottom, he had an amazing day staying dry (even through a nap) the next day he wouldn’t use the toilet once. The day after he stayed dry all day and asked to go to the toilet and the same today. Now I’ve just got to pluck up the courage to take him out without a nappy and we’ve got to sort out him holding his bowels till he gets his night time nappy on. But ultimately he has done it all by himself when he wanted to and when he was ready. No stickers, no bribes, no 30minute trips to the loo, no making him sit on the toilet for an hour till he did a wee. I promise you will get there, as long as they are given the tools, a little encouragement and a lot of high fives it will happen πŸ™‚
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  11. I found this post on Coombemill and well decided it sounded like a good method and the whole week thing was appealing! http://www.coombemill.com/blog/post/2011/07/12/Mummy-Tips-for-Potty-training-Dry-in-a-week.aspx Using a reward chart really helped us. One sticker for wee and two for a poo I think. I also learnt to stop pressuring him to go and accept the accidents and not get frustrated. Also I said no to the nappies/pullups straight from the start and only used a pull up at night. It took a good two weeks mind you to get to a safe place and a month to be happy with how things were progressing. Even after that there were still accidents and only a couple of months later it suddenly just seemed to mostly stop.
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  12. I think the biggest thing is to make sure they are ready and persevere with it. My son wasn’t potty trained until 3 either as he just didn’t understand and couldn’t be bothered. The reward chart worked well but we still had accidents along the way. Good luck!
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  13. Hello there, I love your blog and I share your pain! We started this week, and for some reason Raffie will use the potty at nursery but not at home-interesting! We are trying stickers and a reward chart and lots of cheering, but I don’t know if he’ll stick with it or not. I was told that boys take longer to get into it. We are just perservering and have bought lots of extra pants. I hope it works out for you and that he gets the hang of it soon-we’ll be thinking of you. I found your blog on #PoCoLo.
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  14. urghhh this takes me back to when potty training my boys… My youngest refused point blank to go on the POTTY!! he hated it. But he would go no bother at all on the toilet. We also did the “Hit the Cheerio game” which basically means chuck a cheerio into the toilet bowl and then getting your little one to take aim and either hit it or make it float around the water! I even found my Partner having a go haha… Great Fun πŸ˜€ #PoCoLo

  15. Don’t stress! as a mummy of seven, I have done the potty training thing five times so far, they all get there eventually, although I have found the boys slightly lazier than the girls! Regarding nursery, most are pretty relaxed about it, so if it hasn’t sorted itself by then, don’t panic, big hugs and remember to breathe xxx
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  16. I feel your pain! We’ve gone through this recently with our older son (who is also three years old) and it has tested the patience quite a bit. He wasn’t ready by the time he started pre school, but they were fine about it and he has actually got the hang of it as a result of seeing that other children prefer not to wet themselves! He’s pretty much nailed it now and is dry at night too. Result! How irritating is the voice on that talking toilet, by the way?! We’ve got the same one. “Going potty” is far from “great”! πŸ˜‰
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  17. Oh I remember these days well!! I would say that the best thing to do is try and stay calm. I started helping Grace really early on to understand that she was doing a poo and luckily I had no more dirty nappies after 18 months! Wee was a different matter and I remember a particular shopping centre incident! We got there in the end though – and so will you πŸ™‚ Thanks for supporting PoCoLo again xx
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  18. It so depends on the child! With our oldest we had 4 days of constant accidents, lots of praise (bribery!), tears (mine!) and something just suddenly clicked at the end of the first week. The washing machine was on constantly though πŸ™‚ My younger boy just decided one day that he wasn’t wearing nappies anymore, and bless him, he didn’t! Sending you lots and lots of positive vibes πŸ™‚ #PoCoLo
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  19. I think perseverance is definitely the way. That and a bit of bribery too!! I does take time sometimes!! We had that very same potty by the way lol. My twins took a while, they were good but always have accidents, still do. They loved their potty to be fair in the end but I had to throw it away otherwise they would never have started to use the toilet πŸ˜‰ Good luck #pocolo
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  20. I think in lifestyle, potty training tips are necessary for our toddlers which helps them to use toilet accessories properly. These tips increase awareness in them how to use all toilet products and stay it neat & clean.

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