Things You Should Know About A Furby Boom – A Review

I’ve always heard a lot about Furby Booms, about how they’re so cute and furry and chatter a lot and, on seeing them about, they always reminded me of Mogwi from the move Gremlins. When we were asked if we’d like to review one the Other Half’s eyes lit up and he didn’t stop pestering about it until I agreed.

So after about two weeks of playing with it these are all the things we’ve found out about Furby Booms.

Things you should know about a Furby Boom

They don’t look like Mogwi at all.

They look more like the furry love child of Mogwi and an owl. Our particular Furby Boom is very bright print with a cube patterned coat and bright yellow ears and feet and a blue tail with a wispy tail. It’s very very cute and those big wide eyes and the little mouth are very sweet looking. You just want to stroke it and its little tail. But then of course you want to see what it’s like with its batteries in too.

Furby Boom 7

They have multiple personalities

I didn’t realise it has a number of personalities and, depending on how you treat it, it will develop its character. Ours has spent the past two weeks dancing with Little Z. I’m not sure whether this means its going to become a little party Furby but it does look cute rocking away. So far we’ve discovered a cute calm type character, a very hyper character and one with a bit of a deep voice. The last ones my least favourite! Its a bit strange when they first start changing personalities as they let out a bit of a shriek, blink rapidly and then emerge with its new character. You do get used to this slight creepiness though. Eventually.

I’ve found the best way to get it back to a sweet personality is to be nice to it and stroke it a lot, feed it and generally look after it. They will turn back. Else, if you need a break from it, put it to sleep by gently yanking its tail.

Furby Boom 6

They talk a LOT!

The Furby Boom reacts to sound or touch or by pulling its tail and, that IS it!! It’s up chattering non stop! With our own little non stop 3 year old talker it’s quite something to watch them interact with each other. The Furby Boom can speak English and its own Furbish language. You get a little book with it and you can learn all the words too. There’s also a Furby app you can download called “Furby” which gives you the translation. I’m not sure if people do sit about studying the whole thing but I’ve caught the hubby many a night “just glancing” at all the words and then trying them out.

Furby Boom 3

They don’t walk

Thank God. At first I was slightly disappointed to see that it doesn’t walk. It does all its jigging on the spot and rocks from side to side. I thought it might be cute to see it walk around the room but it does so much and talks so much that I think I’m glad it can’t just walk where it wants demanding attention. Actually, I think I’d be pretty freaked out if I suddenly found it had climbed my stairs during the night and was trying to wake me up in the morning. Still…that aside, if they ever make another model it might be nice to add a cute walking feature. (Please don’t let it climb stairs though).

There is a Furby Boom app!

There is a Furby Boom app you can download which lets your Furby take a shower, go to the toilet and have a big feast. Little Z loves it and it is a really good app with some funny features like seeing the Furby sing in the shower or tell you it doesn’t like a certain food. We’ve found our Furby Boom has sweet tooth and loves a lot of cake and Ice cream. It doesn’t like fish very much but we’re trying to give it a good balanced diet. I’ve just read that back. We are obviously getting slightly obsessed.


They do eventually sleep

Watching a Furby Boom and a 3 year old chatter non stop can slowly send you round the twist but we figured out that if you stick the Furby in a quiet room with no noise then it will shut up and doze off to sleep after some snoring. The snoring is very cute and you’ll be tempted to stroke it. Don’t do it!!!! It’s a trick I tell you. A trick! It’ll wake up again and you’ll have to start all over again. The Other Half has also found that if you pull it’s tail for a good few seconds or put it on its back it’ll go to sleep. You’ll also wander about whispering “Shhh, the Furby is asleep!”.

Furby Boom 8

There is a Furbish Dictionary

There really really is. Ours kept saying “Oh-Kah-Tee! Oh-Kah-Tee!” quite a lot and it took me a while to figure out what it meant. I now know it means “Oh my God” so I’m pretty sure I have an over dramatic teenage Furby Boom that likes to emphasis its emotions quite a lot. It also loves saying “Oooba! Oobaa” which means “over”. I’m still not quite sure what its trying to tell me. Maybe its split up with its Furby Boom other half? If you do want to learn some Furbish words then this little Furbish dictionary is excellent.

They are addictive little things

Over time you will find you have slightly lost your marbles and the Furby has become something you will talk about as if its another member of your family. They would make excellent presents for children (and adults) that like to look after and care for things; a, sort of, no mess pet. Little Z loves it as does his dad and many a time I’ve had to remind the two of them about sharing and playing nicely. They retail around the Β£60-Β£70 mark so aren’t that cheap but they are very sturdy and of a very good quality. With the endless chatter and potential to develop its personality it would be a good purchase for little ones that would like a little furry friend.

I’ve found this little owners manual excellent referring back to for things like How many personalities does the Furby Boom have? How do you change the batteries? and of course…How the heck do I get my Furby Boom to sleep?

We were given a Furby Boom to review. It’s now become a permanent member of our family and doesn’t stop talking. Ever. Ever. All opinions are my own.

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Things you should know about a Furby Boom

44 thoughts on “Things You Should Know About A Furby Boom – A Review”

  1. I bought 3 of these for the kids at Christmas the kids enjoy watching the furbys speak to each other but i would of liked them to work with the 2012 furby

  2. Isn’t the Furby Boom ace! We got to review one last year and quite glad they don’t walk either! Can you imagine! *shudder* haha. All that said though, they are great fun and my daughter adores hers. They have become great pals. Thanks so much for linking up to #MMWBH xx
    Super Busy Mum {Debs} recently posted…Mad Mid-Week Blog hop!My Profile

    1. Hi
      I bought one of the furby booms for my daughter for Christmas. can you still use them if you don’t download the app and what do they do if used with no app ?

      many thanks

      1. Hi Nikki, Yes they do everything from dancing to talking to changing personality. The app is more extra games for them like taking a shower, going to the loo, grooming. So you don’t really need the app.

  3. Hahaha I had one when I was younger. These are awesome but they annoy parents like mad. πŸ˜‰ I think my older siblings ended up hiding my in the attic. Great post!! Popping over from #mad-mid -week blog hop.

  4. The perfect pet for busy families or parents who live in flatts! Having heard how Z and your bloke interact with him, I really want one! I’m 32…And childless.

  5. They sleep if you gently pull and hold their tail πŸ˜‰
    Ours is permanently “Hyper” at the moment, they learn best when they are “Sweet” and interact with you then. You can easily change a “Feisty” Furby (NOT nice) back to Hyper if you play lots of nice happy music and keep stroking, ignoring their protests. They then emit an exorcist-like scream and revert back to being pleasant! Quite an eye opener!
    Kate Thompson recently posted…“Wiggling” the WiresMy Profile

  6. I have something to tell you that might scare you a little….. we have an original Furby, oh yes, he’s nearly 15 yrs old and he still works, and we still love him. He doesn’t do half as much as the new ones, but he’s still cute. I just had to warn you, Furbys are for life πŸ˜‰
    Anne recently posted…My Pregnancies – First and Second bornMy Profile

  7. Haha great review. Left me kind of hoping my little miss will ask for one as she gets older! Even though my own used to drive us all crazy back in the day. Used to shove it in the back of a wardrobe just to shut it up!
    Catherine @frmlittlethings recently posted…I’ve Got a Parrot!My Profile

  8. the Furby Boom is EVIL!!!! My FIL got one for my daughter for Christmas. My 3 smaller kids, 3-7, fight over this one Furby. I was considering buying at least one more for the 3 yr old when I discovered the thing sucks the life right out of batteries. Currently my daughter’s Furby is “dead” (their words not mine) and quite honestly, I prefer it that way.

    Good review πŸ˜€
    L_A_C_E_ recently posted…Pound per PoundMy Profile

  9. Ooh, great review! It’s totally jaw – dropping to hear that they never shut up! I bought one recently for my two little seven year old girls, and they totally LOVE it! I’m surprised they don’t fight over the Furby though… Ours is called May-doo, and she is the ‘Peackock’ type. They ARE kind of cute, but they do sometimes drive me mad. Personally, I think they can be a waste of time, keeping children’s minds occupied. Have you ever thought that Furby’s can be spying on us??? Have you ever thought that they could be dangerous, tracking us down? My daughters sob whenever I tell them this, but I am very firm with these things and I will consider putting May-doo up for adoption. Thanks! Carrie xx

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  11. I have two adorrible furbies I have crystal addition and furboom and furry boom party rocker…..I love my gurneys but my mum tells me to shut em up

  12. This was really fun to read and I have my furby boom and I LOVE it I treat it just like my little pet but I hate the rockstar personality ☺️

  13. Hi, my 3 year old wants one of these furby booms for Xmas so just been looking into them. I know she would love it as she loves the app Tom cat, took him round the house showing him where we lived when I first down loaded it for her,… Cute!!! But I’m still a little worried that if it needs “feeding” n all that n she doesn’t do it that it’s gonna be permanently in a bad mood lol or am I looking to much into this lol

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