The theme in the Gallery this week is Food.

Anyone that knows me in real life knows I usually declare Im hungry within about an hour of going somewhere. I am that person that would gladly eat all day long given half the chance and I am that saddo that will take a photo of my beautiful looking dish just before tucking in.

My eyes are usually bigger than my belly (or so I’m told) but that doesn’t stop me from flicking through the desserts menu afterwards just for “something nice”. Many a time I’ve dreamed of going on a holiday somewhere half based on the type of cuisine I’m going to get there.

Luckily the hubby is the same, my friends are the same and my family is the same. Special occasions are pretty fantastic when it comes to food. And if we could just show Little Z the amazing-ness that is food then that would be glorious.

I know I need to eat healthier really. And I will. Honest. Starting soon.

Meanwhile, here’s a little selection.







Sticky Fingers Photo Gallery

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