How Not To Attend Your Brothers Engagement Dinner

It has been a long long few days in the Little Z household. Mainly because we’ve all been ill but on the plus side it was my little brothers engagement dinner this weekend. Unfortunately with all the germs and illness bounding about, and little Z becoming poorly we almost didn’t make it. The good news is that we did. Here are some of our highlights and pointers on how not to attend your brothers engagement dinner.

Spending the majority of the night tending to a whimpering and poorly Little Z who won’t or can’t quite tell you what’s wrong. Convincing yourself, that despite the bad night, we’re still going to the dinner and all will be fine by morning.

Swinging from thinking you’re going to be late to possibly not making it to probably not making it to admitting defeat around an hour before you have to leave and calling your brother to say you can’t go.

Watching Little Z start suddenly bouncing around completely fine despite the bad night. You think the visit to the loo did it!

Making a run for it, grabbing everything in sight and attempting to get to the spot where everyone is meant to be meeting.

Thankfully making it on time, then reluctantly shuffling onto the mini bus that your dad has hired on account of half the passengers being struck down with bad colds.

Having Little Z display impressive projectile vomiting, twice, all over my outfit. Then carry on playing seconds later.

Having to stop at a service station and spend half an hour soaping and washing dress using the rubbish soap dispensers and the taps you have to press down every 5 seconds.

Re-enacting the famous Marilyn Monroe scene completely incorrectly using a Dysons handryer, in a bid to dry dress and stop it smelling of sick.

Feeling like you’re in a scene out of ‘East is East’ and wanting to shout “The Indians are ere!” as the mini bus pulls into its destination spot.

Enjoying the engagement dinner with the “new family” whilst praying Little Zs meal doesn’t make an encore.

Driving home thankful for no more sick but wondering if pre-school is happening in the morning.


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53 thoughts on “How Not To Attend Your Brothers Engagement Dinner”

  1. Ha ha ha ha!!! I has similar sick all over me four times when we drove to Euro Disney. In the first hour! Horrif. Then some woman asked if I didn’t carry a spare outfit with me at all times for myself. Mmmm no? xxx

  2. Oh gosh Tas! Well done for getting there although you might not have thought that when Z was sick. Amazing how they can just toddle off and play. I can just picture the scene of you in the loo, you must have been beside yourself. You told a very funny story though, thank you so much for sharing #whatsthestory (I hope Z is feeling better) x
    Charly Dove recently posted…Discovering Victoria Peak, Hong KongMy Profile

  3. I was nodding in sympathy at the vomit story… Although it’s generally my husband that takes the brunt of it, and we have started carrying extra outfits for him and our two car sick prone children 🙂 Having said that, it was my turn to be vomited on this trip…! The joys of children 🙂 I’m glad you made it to your brothers celebration though! #WhatstheStory
    Sara (@mumturnedmom) recently posted…Special moments with Great GrannyMy Profile

  4. Oh gosh lol it wasn’t really your day was it! As a parent we can only prepare so much for the kids yet we always forget that perhaps we need spare clothes for ourselves too lol Will have to bear that in mind next time I go somewhere with a sick child! x
    Angela Cheung recently posted…Panasonic Imaging WorkshopMy Profile

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