The lady in the wheelchair

It’s been a pretty bad week for bugs and illness in the Little Z household this week. Just when we thought we all had 24 bugs we’ve unfortunately realised they are the more annoying “hang around for 4 or 5 day bugs”. Couple that with the fact that the Other half and I both seem to have permanent crappy immune systems and the results are two zombie looking 30 something’s that could make excellent extras in World War Z.

None of this has bothered Little Z in the slightest and besides a few sniffles and even more motivation to bounce on his sick Daddy’s belly as he lies down, he has thankfully been the normal little hurricane that bounds about without any kind of direction or care.

So imagine the excitement when we were forced to take him to the surgery with us. Having run of time during our slow motion shuffling to get ready, we decided there was no time to drop him off anywhere and that “he should be ok for a bit”. And he was. If you don’t count the running about without his shoes on, refusal to sit down, attempts to weigh himself on the self service BMI machine and body surfing across the surgery chairs.

Then he spotted her. The lady in the wheelchair. Having never seen a lady in a wheelchair before he stopped dead in his tracks and just observed quietly. This lady that needed extra equipment to move about, someone that couldn’t walk some or all of the time and got by using her electric wheels. He stared as she expertly maneuvered herself through the narrow gap between the chairs to the reception area. He watched as she collected a prescription and nimbly made her way back to the lift and he carried on staring as she entered the lift and disappeared from sight as the doors closed.

Then he turned to me, still slightly open mouthed, and said:

“Mummy, my want a motorbike too”.


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  1. Sorry you have all been ill ๐Ÿ™ Awwww bless him that’s so funny – I always find it fascinating when kids notice “differences” and the total innocence with which they see it. Us adults have a lot to learn!! Z has really started questioning things recently and I love it and love his acceptance of everybody no matter what / who they are!
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  2. That is so lovely. I love the innocence of this. My three year old has floppy muscles so he is getting his first specialised pushchair from wheelchair services next week. I hope he walks before a “real” wheelchair but I hope also that if he doesn’t he has friends just like your little boy that see if as something cool. xxxx #poloco
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  3. Oh I’d bet she’d love it that someone thought her chair was a motorbike!! My kids are usually ok with wheelchairs now, having seen Grandad in one. Love that they feel it’s ok to stare. When Pickle was 3 I sometimes would ask her what someone was doing as she had the social ineptitude to stare and I obviously couldn’t.
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  4. hahahaha how funny. It could have been SO much worse. My little girl called a woman a man the other day-I just wanted the ground to swallow me up-I obviously ignored it.
    Great post c

  5. That is so very cute (& one to remember for when he’s older)! I remember having a rubbish immune system when my daughters were small – I think it’s something to do with the crazy amount of hours we put in as parents and getting run down – it will get better with time & more sleep!
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