Things 3 Year Olds Say

Little Z is a little chatterbox and, given the chance, will chatter all day long telling us his stories or will sing everything that he knows. His speech is semi clear and we understand very thing he says but he can swing somewhat eloquent to pre-school style talk which consists of made up words that he still uses.

The latter is definitely the cuter one and the OH and I have to be careful not to adopt too much of ourselves.

I was fairly gutted a couple of weeks ago when he suddenly started pronouncing “Tomomow” correctly and enjoying saying it “Tomorrow”. It’s coming our all clear and like a grown up child. Arrgggh. I may have even attempted to get him to revert back to saying it as he did but he wouldn’t have any of it and defiantly kept saying it the correct way.


There is still a hundred and one unique Little Z-isms that we can enjoy for now though. Ones that we usually chuckle at secretly from behind pillows.

These are some of the things our 3 year old has been saying recently:

After a haircut…
Little Z: Do you like my haircut?
Me: Yes it’s very nice [Stroking his hair]
Little Z: Ok, don’t break it.

Little Z: Shall we go to the cousin tree?
Me: You mean the conservatory?
Me: No. Cousin tree.

Little Z: You can sleep in my bled room
Me: That’s my bed room. Your bed is in there.
Little Z: Its my bled room.

Little Z: Charge IPad Mummy or you gonna die.
Me: Errrrrr….you mean charge the IPad?
Little Z: Yeah.

Me: Can you tell me a story?
Little Z: Once upon a time It was a dark and storrrrrmy night.
Me: and then?
Little Z: The end!
(I blame the Big Bad Barry episode from Ben and Holly for this one!)


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41 thoughts on “Things 3 Year Olds Say”

  1. Hahaha This is hilarious. I love the funny things kids say. I write about Buba’s ramblings on my weekly post called Phrase Day Friday. They are ever so entertaining.

  2. ahh bless. My son used to struggle to propnounce ‘s’ at the beginning of words. I miss our ‘nakes, ‘poons and ‘nacks. It’s awesome watching them grow up but bitter sweet, isn’t it?

  3. Haha these are hilarious! I might try the ipad one… adds a bit of urgency to the situation LOL. We still say loads of words that Z used to get wrong or just sounded funny… “beesh” will always mean sleep in our house too for some reason.
    AtoZ Mummy recently posted…Boy Z’s Thoughts on Getting a WifeMy Profile

  4. Gosh how did I miss this post! I love listening to what they come out with although it’s weird when they start saying things properly. POD’s started saying banana and it’s always been “banya” – we do still have “butt-flies” though. Just πŸ™‚
    Charly Dove recently posted…Project 365: Week #7My Profile

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