Clarks Shoes – A Review and Voucher Giveaway

I’ve always found it a bit hard to buy shoes for Little Z. Having a boy that absolutely loves rough and tumble I am always presented with scuffed knees on his trousers from all the play related wear and tear and scuffed shoes from all the kicking them off, splashing in puddles and generally being a bit lively. Like most 3 year old he’s understandably never that interested in the longevity of any of his shoes. He loves how they look for about 30 seconds before he is drawn to any big puddles we happen to be be passing.

One kids shoe range we’ve always liked though is Clarks. We’ve always been impressed with how durable all their shoes are and the feet measurement service is one that we really like. Its the place we visited as a family to get his very first shows and learned how both his feet should be measures to get the right shoes. Its the place we found that Little Z has slim feet and, once we knew his size, we picked out his very first pair; little brown velcro’d trainers. He has long since grown out of those but they still sit in the “My First Shoes” Shoebox tucked away in the back of the cupboard.

for our review we opted for a pair of brown lace up boots from their “Originals” range. The Originals range is a little collection of their classic and iconic styles and has been especially tailored for little feet. There is the Wallabee, the Desert Trek and, the one we picked; The Desert Boot.

Clarks Originals 6

The Desert Boot was originally created in 1949 by Nathan Clark and launched at the Chicago Shoe Fair. The childrens version is modelled on the original Desert Boot and comes in dark tan. The material is of a high quality soft chestnut leather that has a slight worn effect to it. The description of the shoe states it has been designed with simple lines and this is obvious to see. There is not much fuss to it but it does have a simple elegance to it. To date, we’ve only ever bought velcro’d shoes so this is a big change for us.

Its not a shoe I’d let Little Z rough and tumble about in particularly with its shoe laces that he can’t quite tie yet but it is definitely a pair of shoes that would complete a smart casual look for, oooh, say, his uncles wedding. He definitely likes them and keeps repeatedly taking them out of the box to have a look.

Clarks Originals 2

Clarks Originals 5

Clarks Originals 4

Clarks Originals 3

Clarks Originals 1


Clarks are giving away a £20 voucher to one winner. All you have to do is visit and leave me a comment below telling me which pair of shoes you like from all their ranges.

The giveaway will close on Sunday 6th April 2014 after which one winner will be picked at random.

Please Note:
This giveaway is only open to UK residents
The voucher cannot be exchanged for another prize
The voucher can only be spent in Clarks shops (not online)

Disclosure: We were sent a voucher to review Clarks shoes. All words and opinions are my own

174 thoughts on “Clarks Shoes – A Review and Voucher Giveaway”

  1. They are so cute! My littlest needs some shoes, he is always in his VANS!

    I love these though for Melody :Dana Darcy Rose Hip Girls Shoes

  2. My nephew would love the desert boot you reviewed, trendy looking and well made too. I wore Clark’s shoes myself as a child and still wear their shoes as I find the quality and comfort excellent. I have my eye on their ornate jewel leather sandals for my summer holidays!


    Audry Lilac
    Womens Smart K Shoes

    I’ve had my work shoes that I got from Clarks for 7 years now! One of them has started getting a slit in the front and I don’t think the are going to last much longer. These would be a perfect replacement 🙂

  4. Them little desert boots are soo cute.
    id love the un swish sandals in black patent. They look so comfy for the summer


    I love all of your shoes for girl juniors! im visiting your Elgin store tomorrow to purchase some new shoes for my little girl.
    Your shoes last for long enough.

    I chose the shoes in the link because they can be worn casually or dressy. they are quick and easy to put on! and really cheap! Thanks 🙂

  6. I like the GlitterBe Pre for my little girl, shes so fussy about what she wears but I think she’d actually like these because they’re glittery.

  7. Comet Zoom – For myself, but I love all Clarks Shoes, They’re comfy, long lasting, high quality and low price!!

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