Things Little Z Says

It’s been an odd kind of few weeks in the Little Z household. We’ve had a series of new things thrown at us so it’s felt all a bit out of kilter. New pre-school, new routines and new faces. I have to admit he’s probably coped with it a lot better than I’ve done but I think we’re finally emerging from the other side and, bar a few little tweaks we still need to make, we’re almost settled into a new routine.

Little Z has been making his own little discoveries along the way and doing it as any 3 year old would; out loud.

So here are some of things Little Z has been saying…

“Sarah (his keyworker – not her real name) gone home to her mummy. Nursery is closed now”
(On trying to use every trick in the book not to go).

Post Dentist visit…repeated daily…
“You have to brush your teeth or they fall out” (then refuses to brush his own).

On watching his new favourite “Banana” song on YouTube..
[Pointing to lady in short skirt]
“Where her pants gone? They got lost!”

“Listen to Me” – Repeated about 20 times a day.

“It’s not snack time mummy, it’s TEA BREAK!”
(I blame pre-school).

And last but not least as we walk to his pre-school..
“That’s my nursery, I play with children today”.
(No tears. Hurrah!)

3 Children and It

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  1. Brightens your day doesn’t it?! My 2yo has just discovered that he can hold an audience rapt for an indefinite amount of time by linking all his sentences together with “AND THEN …”. Bless him, gets breathless as doesn’t take a pause!
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  2. Hahaha I love the funny things our kids come out with. Buba is getting to the stage he doesn’t need a bedtime story. I lay in his big boy bed with him now and read a book before bed. Last night he said Mommy go downstairs now, byebye and pushed me out of his bed. Awww they grow up too fast and man when they say some funny things I can’t get enough of it. LIttle z sounds the same. Thank you for joining in again on Share With Me linky. I love reading about little z and you all. Lovely blog. #sharewithme
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