The Dentist (Loud n Proud)


I’m pretty terrible at going to the dentist. I avoid it like the plague and will only go if I am reduced to crawling there in a lot of pain. Little Z on the other hand doesn’t really have many memories on having his teeth checked and on our last visit pretty much sat in my lap and refused to open his mouth for the stranger pointing shiny looking objects at his mouth.

Last month expedited our trip to them, mainly on account of my entire face throbbing on one side due to toothache. God it hurt. Realising I haven’t seen a dentist for about 6 years, I made the dreaded phone calls scouring for one that would help me out in an emergency and trying not to succumb to screaming “please just rip it out” down the phone at the secretary. We finally tootled off to one that took sympathy on me; one excited little boy and one very much in pain mum.

It was as if Little Z had entered the room of total wonderment when he stepped into the dentists torture chamber office. Gadgets, bright lights, and a big massive chair that magically moved up and down of its own accord. Slightly disappointed he couldn’t touch anything he looked on as I climbed into the not so wonderous chair and relayed my tale of woe to the dentist fully expecting a painful numbing injection and numerous fillings.

It didn’t take long before he decided to assist the dentist count and label my teeth and helpfully shouted out random numbers as the dentist instructed the dental assistant. I couldn’t see the dentists reaction but could hear the dental assistant giggling and prayed I didn’t choke on his little mirror thing as I laughed with my mouth wide open. Thankfully I got away with just antibiotics and Little Z walked away with a spiderman sticker even though I was the brave patient. Of course he completely clamped his mouth shut as soon as the dentist jokingly offered to check his mouth.

He has since been spending all his days telling people they must brush their teeth or they will fall out. In random cases he will spontaneously prise my mouth open to demonstrate to his audience exactly where one should brush. I try to be patient as he finishes his presentation. My brother takes full advantage of this and keeps asking for an encore. I do wonder what it’ll be like when its his turn to be in the chair next month.

At least one of us likes the dentist…for now.

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7 thoughts on “The Dentist (Loud n Proud)”

  1. I’m the same with the dentist so can’t blame you. Well done for going though 🙂 He didn’t seem very traumatised by it so I’m sure he will be fine when it’s his next turn. My older two go happily now. Not so much the toddler though 🙂 x
    sharon powell recently posted…Loud n ProudMy Profile

  2. Now is definitely the time to introduce children to the dentist. Unfortunately I think we often put the fear of God into them because of our own past experiences! Sorry to hear you had some work done – you feel so vulnerable in that chair don’t you?! Hope you’re feeling better now 🙂
    Suzanne recently posted…Two Years On and Still Going StrongMy Profile

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