Dearest Little Z – At 3 and a half years

Hello Little Z!

You’re now 3 and a half. Eek. That’s like a real life boy. How did that happen? Only yesterday you were this tiny little thing that into my arms. I regularly say this to your Dad. So much so he keeps finishing that sentence off for me now.

We’ve been on holiday this month and it was a really lovely break. You were obsessed with finding your new friends any time we went to the restaurant and we would regularly have to run after you to stop you from escaping. I think the entire hotel must have learned your name by the end of the week from the millions of times we repeated it just to call you. You had a brilliant time though, playing with everyone, splashing about in the pools, making sandcastles and eating candyfloss bigger than your head.

I was slightly apprehensive about taking you to Istanbul but you were like as good as gold enjoying admiring everything from your stroller. Everyone in the tour group kept commenting what a little angel you were. By about 9pm we were all pretty tired and fed up of the hours delay to our flight back to Antalya. We all tried to wait patiently as a big row broke out between the Turkish passengers and airport staff. All the English speaking passengers stood around looking a bit confused and kept tapping the shoulders of the Turkish passengers asking if they knew what was going on. On top of the natural humidity it was getting pretty heated and it was around then you decided you needed to stretch your legs. You had a pretty fun game of chase with Daddy as you ran for your life between all the aisles with a Daddy attempting to be hot on your heels. I’m not sure he found it that amusing trying to run around hundreds of flustered and impatient individuals to keep up with you. Especially when you ran back towards the x ray machines.

Strollers are definitely a good thing.

You’ve somehow started going backwards when it comes to potty training. We are constantly telling you not to wee in your pants. You will either forget you have to go or flat out just fib because you don’t want to waste any time peeing. When you really are telling the truth you’ll try to prove it by sticking your bottom out to us and saying “it’s nice and clean!”. If you could stop all the wee accidents then that would definitely be fine with me.

You still try to pull on the heart strings and ask not to go to preschool some days but the keyworkers have told me how much you talk once I’m gone so I know you love it really. I’m glad you’re there another year as I don’t think you’d have been ready for school this September. Lucky for us your birthday falls in December so we have another year until you start proper school.

You’ve started becoming really assertive and will throw some epic tantrums every so often. I vaguely remember something about preschoolers getting a fresh surge of hormones around this age (I think testosterone) and it makes them want to behave like little leaders. I need to find the article. I think it’s about double what they’re used to. I should tell your Aunty it’s not 10 times the amount, like I initially led her to believe. If you think about it, 10 times the amount of testosterone would probably equate to a little Hulk. Oops!

So…until next time Little Z, mmmwah!






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16 thoughts on “Dearest Little Z – At 3 and a half years”

  1. Wow, we are so going through something similar. My Lil G is 3 in 8 days, he’s taken a step back on being dry and not wetting his bed and his pants, he’s also introduced us to the worst tantrums ever! I had to write a post about it, I call it the Threenager years! Glad you had a lovely holibobs! X

  2. Love that last photo especially. And what is it about boys and their bottoms-toilet training is so much more of a big deal with my son than it was with my daughter?!
    Iona@Redpeffer recently posted…DemonsMy Profile

  3. This age is so fun but also so unknown too. It can go badly with the tantrums and potty training can sometimes go backwards but then they blossom into their little people and no more babies at all. Whereas 2 still have a bit of baby to them to hold on to. Their conversation are in full now. Love all the awesome photos of your big boy now. You can see he has a fun personality in the photos. Thank you so much for linking up to Share With Me. #sharewithme
    Jenny recently posted…Share With Me ~ wk 20My Profile

  4. Aw glad he had a lovely holiday and I know the feeling about the epic tantrums every once in a while. We had a funny old patch with Mads about a month ago but touch wood, for the last couple of weeks she has been delightful. Obviously she can still be hard work but most of the time she is really good. She loves nursery at the moment- I am so not ready for her to go to school yet! x
    Katie @mummydaddyme recently posted…My Little Bits Of Life #2My Profile

  5. Glad you had a fun holiday. I’m finding this age so much fun but also really challenging. The things that come out of their mouths are hilarious but they have to have an opinion and a say on anything. But please share how you get Z to sit in a stroller? I haven’t been able to get CK in to one for a year and a half now, and BB is also starting to resist. I’m not sure how I’ll cope if I have to chase after both of them … probably in different directions too.
    Rachel – 3yearsandhome recently posted…Bougainvillea, lemons and ceruleanMy Profile

  6. It does all go too quickly doesn’t it. It is a gorgeous age though and your son looks so adorable in your pics.Enjoy, even with tantrums, it’s a time you won’t get back and once they start school they really are not so little anymore. Found you on #LoudandProud.

  7. I love the way kids of that age make friends so easily on holiday and start to become self-sufficient – at least in so far that we don’t have to find things to occupy them every second of the day.

    It’s also a reminder of how well kids take holidays and travel in their stride. We took Isaac on his first long-haul flight when he was still just three months – with hindsight, that was an absolute doddle. And we did our first European holiday as a family of five last summer with the kids aged 5.5, 3.5 and 15 months. Yes, there were challenging moments – but it was so much easier than we feared it would be!
    Tim recently posted…The brother who never wasMy Profile

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