When Journalism Is At Its Best

Over the last couple of years or so I started hating “journalism”, mostly in our own media. It had become fashionable to just follow celebrates about and snap them from behind bushes or report on how they tripped up on an evening out with some friends and had smiled at someone which obviously indicated a sordid affair was going on whilst the poor partner was presumably sat at home tending to the kids. Everyone feeding off misery and spurning high hitting posts out of it. Then the outrageous hate inciting articles. Then the outraged commenting furiously on the outrageous. The counter arguments. Even reputable community centric sites were at it with a not so subtle change of direction leaning towards reporting on celeb-dom life.

It was as if this was now what journalism was about. Just being a bully and taking the piss out of everyone before someone else got there first. As if the Daily Fail formula is what keeps the hits coming in and I guess, sadly, shows what makes people tick. Of course, it was partly my own fault for being a gullible click baitee and being outraged at the Daily Fail on a regular basis. I just couldn’t not look though. How scary are some people out there in the world? And I mean the commenters, not the articles.

Then came the latest Israel Gaza conflict and, aside from the numerous protests of biased reporting in the media, a big group of individuals have shone through and shown what journalism is really about. Now I bet news correspondents based in war zones must get paid an absolute fortune with all sorts of perks and benefits. After all, it’s a life and death situation and a handful have already been killed along the way. But in those situations all the money in the world just wouldn’t cut it. It would have to be about something more. A real passion for the job. A determination to get the truth out there and report on what they see even if their life depends on it. Even with the padded safety jackets on branded with a large “Press” across the front and back, it can only protect them against light gun fire, right?

Over the last few weeks they’ve reported amongst sheer carnage, kept up to date with everything going on around them, reported it all via different social mediums and, in some cases, even tried to help civilians get help or aid as needed. I’ve seen a few cases of them really professionally handling and batting away abuse as some accuse of fabrication or exaggerating the truth. And also handling interviews in the most firm and direct way possible, making even the most steel-spined representatives squirm in their seats. Some have been lifted out for daring to report on what is not the party line whilst others.

With the rapid advance of social media journalism has had to evolve with it and maintain a high level of integrity in order to remain credible. Newspapers are not the only source of finding out whats going on in the world. Its now a lot easier to see through rubbish or biased reporting as a fury of updates on any given social network will quickly show you what’s actually happening. I now use Twitter for my news and have become very cynical about some of the media bias at large news corporations. I’ve learned over time that its hard to write an article from sitting on the fence all the time. Sometimes you have to have a slant and sometimes you have to take a side, even in the nicest possible diplomatic way. Its the only way to report whats right from whats wrong.

I’ve decided I would make a really crap journalist or news reporter. I wouldn’t be calm and collected. I would probably just get angry and shout at the camera, fear for my life constantly and maybe eventually cry that I couldn’t handle it anymore. Obviously its not for everyone but the interesting thing is that a lot of these journalists are not just highly driven individuals. A lot of them have a family of their own. They are grounded people with an impressive ability and care for reporting what’s going on right now. They’re the ones that help bring the awareness to the masses whilst daring to question the actions of what are meant to be the leaders of our world.

And that’s what it should be to be a good journalist.

This particular video is probably one I won’t forget in a while. Jon Snow is pretty fantastic isn’t he?

Jon Snow in Gaza

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7 thoughts on “When Journalism Is At Its Best”

  1. When you think “That guys got some balls.” It’s usually in a negative rather indignant way but from the standard of his journalism and getting to the truth, plus even being in Gazza at all – he’s guenuinley got some balls! I got to The Guardian and Al Jezerra for all of my world new as they are the only unbiased media I know of. PR’s have sent me a few celeb gossip articles ‘to feature for fun!’ etc. Oh. Hell. No.
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  2. As a trained journalist I am DELIGHTED that you now get why journalism is so important and what it’s actually all about.

    I can well understand your concerns like many others about gutter articles in the Daily Fail – however this is the worst kind of journalism, not the most common either but unfortunately the one that seems to be the most popular. It’s that old adage, that if people stopped reading such sh***y articles, they’d stop writing and publishing them.

    The best kind of journalism is what you have illustrated here – and let me tell you – those brave, fearsome journalists won’t be paid nowhere near as much as you think.

    That’s the other misconception about journalism, that it’s a well paid job. Trust me, when I say, it really isn’t. Everyone who goes into journalism does it for the craft and the love of the job.

    I hope that helps you to feel a little better about it too. Thanks for sharing and yes John Snow, is an absolute LEGEND. 🙂 X
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  3. Fabulous post. The hyperbole of most of the tabloids is the worst kind of journalism. But absolutely – many reporters, especially war correspondents are highly driven individuals passionate about showing the world what is going on. Jon Snow is incredible for his Gaza reporting – and think also about Michael Buerk in Ethiopia back in the ’80s. I work in in-house PR rather than in journalism – there are many journalists I find frustrating, but many I admire for their tenacity in revealing the truth. And yes, journalism is a terribly-paid, unglamorous industry – they really do do it for the love. #BrilliantBlogPosts
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  4. I couldn’t agree more with you. Great post hun! I think there are the good and the bad kind of journalist and sadly human curiosity fuels the bad ones to continue to be bad and continue to share nonsense when there is more pressing issues to shared. #brilliantblogposts

  5. I can’t watch the video here but I think it’s the positive, powerful one I’ve watched before. Jon Snow is a hero journalist and there are many out there counteracting the shoddy Daily Failers. Great post-I started out in news but wasn’t built for it, I’m far too sensitive. Thanks for linking up to #brilliantblogposts

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