Weddings with a 3 year old

The past few summers (and winters) in my family have all centred around family weddings. Being one of approximately 20 cousins is likely to do that and we have become pretty efficient and expert at planning a wedding really quickly. Little Z is starting to think weddings are a normal kind of outing as they seem to be occurring at least three or more times a year. This weekend was one of those times and we all went about falling into our normal roles of co-ordinating, greeting guests and unsuccessfully manning the sweet table. Throw in an excited 3 year old Little Z trying to turn a large wedding hall into his very own obstacle course and you know you’re in for a pretty interesting evening.

These were the highlights attending a wedding with a 3 year old…

1. The realisation that Little Z was no longer going to fit into any kind of high chair and needs a “proper chair”. Cue fears of him escaping approximately every 2 minutes.

2. Deciding it would be easier to just watch him run around the hall rather than trying to get him to sit in one place for the entire evening. Also mentally concluding his clothes have an expiry date of that same evening as he proceeds to slide about on the floor and do some kind of body surf thing.

3. Realising he needs chasing frequently each time he tried to leg it through the double doors. Also realising running in high heels repeatedly is not that comfy.

4. Shooing him away from the sweet table display whilst his mouth is gradually turning blue from the pinching of blue bon bons. Knowing this means he will now be on turbo charge till the end of the night.

5. Spending ages persuading 3 year old Little Z that the food is really nice and that he can’t only eat cucumber for the entire meal. Giving up fairly quickly with the coaxing and asking the waiter if he’s able to bring more cucumbers out. Then watching the waiter discuss said request with another waiter and have both look at you blankly. Repeat request when asked if in fact I want just a plate of cucumbers. Err yes. Please.

6. Try to persuade Little Z out from under the table as he discovers it is the most fun ever. Ever. Lure him out with cucumbers. With waiters still all looking a bit confused.

7. Get ready for round 2 of chasing him around the hall. Pull silent shouty faces at husband from across the hall which clearly mean “my feet are killing me and I want to eat my dessert”.

8. Switch on a dazzling instant smile for all the family pics. And try to grab a sprinting Z as he runs dangerously close past the bride and grooms very nice outfits.

9. Last about 95% of the wedding before starting the “I’ve already chased him 5 times, it’s your turn” bickering with the hubby.

10. Watch Little Z zonk out from his very fun evening, just before he asks if we can go to a wedding tomorrow too.



Weddings with a 3 year old


Weddings with a 3 year old

Weddings with a 3 year old


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26 thoughts on “Weddings with a 3 year old”

  1. Grass is always greener ha ha. H has only been invited to one wedding since being born. We’re off to one in France this weekend and he isn’t invited so is a sore point. But trying to look at the positive that the hub and I have a few days together. Those sweets look amazing xx
    PottyMouthedMummy recently posted…Wicked Wednesdays #4 | Hide and SeekMy Profile

  2. Ahhh bless him and you weddings with kids are tough. Love the photos of him though so cute. I have done it both ways one with them and one wedding without them and I think babysitters are always needed for a wedding. lol But you also don’t want them to be left out so it’s a hard line isn’t it. Love love all the sweets. YUM! That’s my kind of wedding. Thanks for linking up to Share With Me. #sharewithme
    Jenny recently posted…Raisin Croissant Pudding RecipeMy Profile

  3. THOSE SWEETS! Sigh am on day three of a diet and I am so bored of it already. What a fab wedding and your boy looks adorbs! Me and the hub also do the who is going to get them now thing. But as we have two we always end up having to run after at least one of them! Glad he had a great time though xxx PS thanks for your lovely comment on my blog
    brummymummyof2 recently posted…Wicked Wednesdays 13th AugustMy Profile

  4. Little Z looks adorable. I don’t think I have ever been to a wedding where the children didn’t slide across the floor at speed, it’s wedding law I think. #sharewithme
    Louisa recently posted…Cake-GateMy Profile

  5. Haha, I’ve done the ‘chasing around after a toddler all day’ at a wedding too, and my partner was the best man so I had to do it all by myself – that was fun! Luckily Grandma picked her up late evening so I could get drunk and make a fool of myself on the dance floor! Great post! x
    Louise @ Birds and Lilies recently posted…Turning 30My Profile

  6. Weddings and kids – it’s a debate that really does divide opinions. The thing is, when they’re little we can’t expect them to sit down quietly for hours on end. They want to be out running in fields and swinging on trees (just setting the scene – but you get what I mean). If they need to be there we all need to give them the opportunity to play, hide under the table and slide on that dance floor, it’s only fair!

    Fab pictures, love his little outfit xx

  7. The sweets look like decorations! If I were you I’d have been fueling on the sugar laden treats just to keep my energy levels up, in face I would probably have been on a sugar high by the end of the evening.

    We have only had one wedding in the family since having children and as they are no longer small there won’t be an issue if we do get invited to a wedding. But I think if I had a three year old in tow I may consider using handcuffs around their ankles to keep them firmly attached to the chair!

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