Dearest Little Z at 3 years and 9 months

Hello Little Z,

So you’re 3 years and 9 months old and back to pre-school again. You’ve moved up a group now and its strange to see some of the children have disappeared and joined the big world of primary schools. The ultra smiley and huggy boy that would hug absolutely everyone as they entered the building has gone too. You really liked him even if you didn’t admit it. I wonder if he’s now hugging teachers at his new school. You’re definitely a lot more confident this year and the key workers have commented on how you don’t shut up. So I know for certain you like it there.

Can you believe it’ll be your uncles wedding next month? The way you two squabble is like having two little children to look after. You absolutely love all the shopping that’s been going on and love coming on all the countless trips to organise everything. You’ve gotten so used to going out on different trips that you’ve been talking in your sleep at 3am asking where we’re all going today. You’re not liking routine too much right now but I think we can all do with a slight bit of routine back again.

You are still going going strong with all your stories and ask for them all the time. Your favourite books right now are the Fearsome Beastie and Jampires. You like the latter so much you’ve started eating jam sandwiches. I’m definitely not complaining but jam sandwiches at 8pm are probably not the best idea.

We have just come back from Edinburgh and we all loved it lots. I was a bit nervous about driving 3 to 4 hours up to Scotland and the risk of you needing a wee within seconds (and a wet car seat!) but you were brilliant and its been a bit of a mini milestone; confidence in long journeys. You loved it so much on holiday, besides being slightly confused why “holiday” didn’t involve an aeroplane, and kept trying to talk to random strangers. The people of Edinburgh were really friendly and lots asked your name and where you were from. You’d then suddenly shut up and shyly try to hide behind us all until they held up their hand to indicate the universal sign of a high 5.

Really strangely you loved the bagpipe players so much you stood watching one for about 5 minutes on one occasion and wouldn’t move. Or blink. We kept trying to persuade you to move on but didn’t want to cause a scene by scooping you up under our arm pits. The bagpipe player looked really pleased to have a little fan for so long. You were also captivated by the “lady with the accordion” and asked to go find her a few days after we’d seen her. She was pretty good I have to admit and had played the Game of Thrones theme tune as one of her songs. Edinburgh is a lot of fun for children and you loved the zoo and the Camera Obscura, a place filled with the art of mirrors and illusions, so much fun for everyone. You loved darting about the maze of mirrors till you ran straight into some mirrors, several times. You eventually stopped and held my hand for the rest of the way.

You weren’t that interested in the spectacular views, preferring instead to run like the wind and then stop suddenly to admire something. You did climb the 287 steps of the Scot Monument though. It got so narrow at the top we could feel the walls brush against us on either side. We met an American couple who loved chatting to you. You eventually tried to sing Twinkle Twinkle to them in the Rosslyn Chapel and we kept trying to shush you during the tour guides narrative of the construction. They were on a 3 week tour of a lot of Scotland and it sounded amazing. Maybe one day we could do that too.

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Edinburgh Z

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18 thoughts on “Dearest Little Z at 3 years and 9 months”

  1. Aw Edinburgh is brilliant, I really must go back. My son had to wave goodbye to a few friends and familiar faces at preschool last year as he is one of those September borns who got an extra year of it. To be honest he thrived in that last year and really came into his own. X #sharewithme
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  2. Those pictures make me smile. So glad he’s happy at pre-school. I think all kids seem to really come out of themselves once they’re actually in their pre-school year – my daughter was always shy and quiet until then, but she really grew in confidence.
    Sounds like Z had an amazing holiday and cheered people up wherever he went as usual! Impressed that he could climb so many steps!
    Sarah MumofThree World recently posted…The Gallery: 8amMy Profile

  3. Love your letter to you son, it’s such a lovely way to build a post. I love Edinburgh, we celebrated my father’s 60th birthday there a few years back and had the most amazing time.
    My daughter started reception last week and I found it very emotional, I guess that’ll be you guys next year. Hope your son enjoys his last year at preschool xxx

    Heledd recently posted…The Perfect PyjamasMy Profile

  4. I am the same with Buba in the big room now at nursery. They are growing up so fast and I get all emotional about it now. Edinburgh sounds amazing. I went once but was so ill prego I didn’t leave the hotel room for three days then sadly had to go home. So missed out. Definitely go back! I love your updates. I do mine now through my living arrows monday post for him, her and them. As I felt bad doing milestones and baby updates for MM and not Buba since i wasn’t blogging until he was 2. Thanks again for linking up to SHare With Me and as always thanks for your continual blog support. #sharewithme
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  5. Aw I love these posts. He is really growing up now isn’t he? It seems like you are rushing around less now with him as he is growing and taking more of an interest in things. I love that he was confused about a holiday without an aeroplane and how lovely that he is so happy at nursery.
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