The Journey Into CBeebies

After 3 long years I get the feeling that Little Z is starting to expand his TV watching horizons beyond CBeebies. A bit of Peppa Pig here, a bit of Bubble Guppies there. It’s only small little steps out of the safe little world he’s been engrossed in up till now but I know there will soon be a transition to other channels and programmes which makes me a bit sad. I love CBeebies now. I didn’t always used to. In fact, if I look back, there was a few phases that eventually got me sucked right in.

Probably ones that will inevitably get a lot of parents. Probably ones like this…

Initially the “Who the heck would watch this?” phase.

You own a 3 month old Little Z and you feel like a permanent zombie from being up all night.

You love watching back to back repeats on E4 and, our of curiosity, flick over to CBeebies to see what’s on.

Something called “In the night garden was coming on”. Why is the girls skirt flapping up and down? Why is that Iggle Piggle avoiding bed at all costs? Why is he sailing away into the darkness at the end?…..By himself? Did someone write this when they were a bit high?

You realise your 3 month old more interested in sucking his fists and you happily go back to watching glorious E4 repeats and forget about CBeebies for a while.


Then the “How did we start watching this so regularly?” phase

Your child is a couple of months older and is loving having CBeebies on especially the flappy skirt girl and the blue boy that resists bed time.

You realise it’s a great little thing for after bath time with all the floaty tunes and equally floaty characters.

You like the poc pocs even though they really just look like hoping onions.

You try to limit the time your child is staring wide eyed at it and, if you’re honest you still don’t get a lot of it. What the heck is a Squiglet anyway?

The “Why does CBeebies rule our house?” phase…

You realise your child is now talking and asking for it on all the time.

To this day you don’t really understand Granny Murray at all and try to dissuade Little Z from watching her. It doesn’t work and you spend the the rest of the trying to block out the “Me Too” ear worm”.

You unashamedly try to use CBeebies on iplayer as bribery outside to try to get Little Z to eat.

You’re secretly smug when Little Z points to her and shouts “Mummy!” and tell anyone that will listen.

Mummy Cbeebies

The “Oh no, they’re going to change the schedule” phase….

You hear rumours they’re going to change the schedule.

You start wondering if it’s true.

You realise you’re worried they’re going to change the schedule.

They’re not going to change the schedule are they?

Oh no, they changed the schedule. What the heck is this Alphablocks.

Ok ok…it’s ok. Everything is fine. He likes it.

The “I think I like CBeebies a bit too much” phase…

You start persuading Little Z that an episode of Charlie and Lola would be good to watch. You “completely absolutely” love Lola

You’re a bit annoyed when Little Z would rather watch Grandpa in my Pocket. Why does he never sit in one place? Doesn’t he know he could be accidentally crushed under someone’s foot?

You start following news about CBeebies Live and grab tickets as soon as they’re out.

CBeebies Live

Watching CBeebies for an afternoon is no longer torturous.

You worry what this means for the state of your adult mind. You don’t actually really care and do another rendition of the Sarah and Duck theme tune together. You love how Little Z pronounces “Strawberry Louffle” – that episode is your favourite.

I think I will miss it when he eventually gives it up.

(First Photo credited to BBC and CBeebies.)

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29 thoughts on “The Journey Into CBeebies”

  1. I so recognise this! Back in ‘my day’, way back when I only had one child, CBeebies had a four hour schedule, which they repeated three times in the day. So if something was on at 9, it would also be on at 1 and then at 5. I liked that. Then they changed it. Very confusing. I loved watching Balamory, but did used to wonder how the characters knew that THIS time when PC Plum walked into e.g. the bus garage it would be the ‘what’s the story in Balamory?’ time and not just a casual visit. Probably something to do with the script, to be honest. But my brain was addled by the last few weeks of pregnancy.
    My kids watched CBeebies for years and it was a sad day when we moved on. Now it’s CITV and CBBC for my daughter. The boys sadly mainly watch adults’ programmes, particularly inappropriate comedies which I really ought to stop them watching, if only I had the strength!
    Sarah MumofThree World recently posted…Grammar school entrance exam (hanging over us)My Profile

  2. All too familiar! Our boys stuck with CBeebies for ages but have now moved on to Nick Jr, taking their little sister with them. They’ll no doubt graduate on to all the Ben 10 and older stuff soon enough (I’m surprised they haven’t already, to be honest).
    Tim recently posted…Silent Sunday 31/8/14My Profile

  3. We used to have cbeebies on a lot but now it’s been abandoned in favour of Sponge Bob and YouTube videos of play doh. The one exception is Topsy and Tim. All my kids love it. It drives me crazy but I found myself drawn in, desperate to see if they ever moved house! #whatsthestory
    Louisa recently posted…A visit to Powderham CastleMy Profile

  4. Oh yes, I recognise pretty much all of those phases. We’re in an interesting phase right now as my eldest is an avid CBBC fan and now my son is starting to say he likes Scooby Doo and quoting Hacker from “Hacker Time’-he walked up to someone yesterday and said ‘all right me cockers’! Thankfully I knew the person he said it to. So we’re moving into other territory already, which is not exactly what I’d hoped for 🙂
    Iona@redpeffer recently posted…Helping out-a children’s picture book storyMy Profile

  5. Haha I have met the Zingzillas, Tree Fu Tom and Upsy Daisy, I actually wanted to get my photo with them (unlike the other parents there!) as it was a bit like meeting a celebrity! Since getting Sky Cherry is obsessed with the Junior Disney channel though so we’ve entered a whole new world of princess sophia and doc mcstuffins. Theme tunes are way too catchy and get stuck in my head all day! x
    Jess @ Along Came Cherry recently posted…X-Cut Die-Cutting Machine ReviewMy Profile

  6. This is such a good post and so recognisable. I could not believe it when we were more excited about going to see the Tweenies in concert than another group (now such an embarrassing group that I am not going to confess). Have always liked the Night Garden and have no real idea why. I had vague ideas when first pregnant of never indulging in children’s telly – naïve then as in so many things
    kate on thin ice recently posted…I’m a Striking Mum!My Profile

  7. I’m at the stage far beyond CBeebies, with an 8 year old and a 6 year old who prefer Scooby Doo and other things. But when we catch the occasional Balamory on CBeebies and they decide to snuggle up and watch it….. I get quite emotional and wish they were babies again. So enjoy it while it lasts x
    Donna@MummyCentral recently posted…Carrot and orange cupcakesMy Profile

  8. I wrote a post last year about why we’re a CBeebies household – I definitely went through all the phases you mentioned! My biggest fear is that as the CBeebies days end we’re launched into tv with adverts, more fighting, more poorly behaved teens . . . I don’t want to lose the protective bubble of “safe” tv that my kids watch now!
    Colette recently posted…The Sooty Show Live – ReviewMy Profile

  9. We are CBeebies obsessed. Although it is getting difficul tnow – Alice (3) doesn’t really like Mister Maker, but Rosie (1) loves him and so one of them at least is crying at that point! I nearly had a panic attack the other day when they said that they were changing channels or something?? I still need to figure out what they hell they mean or life will be toooo difficult ha ha 🙂 x
    Kerrie McGiveron recently posted…Sure-Fire Ways to Increase Your Traffic: Sex SellsMy Profile

  10. Great Post, my little girl flicks through the kids channels now to find what she wants to watch, it can often be quite frustrating if I want to see how something finishes and she switches half way through 😉
    Becky Cowley recently posted…Leaky BabyMy Profile

  11. Brilliant, just brilliant! We have come out of the Cbeebies phase pretty much now and I am quite sad about that but I recognise those phases oh so well. The thought of a new presenter was the one that got me and when Chris and Pui left it was the end of the world. IF I was you, I would encourage Z to watch Cbeebies well into his teen years as trust me when I tell you that the alternatives are not that great!
    Nikki Thomas recently posted…No more preschoolersMy Profile

  12. You are too funny while I have never had cbeebies on for my two I not sure what channel that would fall on I have heard alot about it from other mothers. It does seem very popular. We are a strict america tv disney watchers here I know sad, my fault. I want them to have a little bit of america in their childhood memories. hahaha This looks absolutely amazing though! WOW. Love the photos. Thanks for linking up to Share With Me I hope to see you again tomorrow for another great round! #sharewithme
    Jenny recently posted…Tuesday’s Blogiversary Giveaway: The Oxo Cookie Press & Disk Storage CaseMy Profile

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