The Lies We Tell – AKA Excellent Parenting Advice

As parents there are numerous times during the day you will be presented with moments where excellent parenting needs to kick in. The need to instil lessons that will stay with our children for a lifetime. The importance of teaching right from wrong. The little principles we should be ingraining into their little impressionable minds. There are also times when it is essential to stand firm and explain why your child can’t do something that’s not good for them.

It is possible that, as parents, we start to use little white lies. Ones that are essential at that point in time for the well being of their future. For example….

On explaining the importance of good healthy diet.
Little Z: Mummy can we get chips from Old McDonalds
Me: Ummm…Maybe not today…
Little Z: But whyyyyyy?
Me: Because its closed.
Little Z: But whyy?
Me: Err….Because some naughty little boy broke it and now he’s going to get in trouble from his mummy so its not going to open again.
Little Z: ………Ok then.

On encouraging child to eat 3 square meals a day every day…
Little Z: I don’t like my fishfingers
Me: Ok I’m going to give them to Daddy
Little Z: No I want them…
Me: Oh I don’t know…Don’t tell Daddy then
Little Z: Ok, shall I make them disappear in my mouth?
Me: Good plan!

On getting child to sit in a car seat at appropriate speed to go to the supermarket (i.e. less than 10 minutes)
Little Z: But I want to look at the horn / random thing on the floor, leaves / mushroom / the neighbours
Me: Pleeeeease get in the car seat, we’re going to be late!
Little Z: But I’m smelling the flowers…you smell Mummy.
Me: Ok you smell the flowers and I’ll go to Aunty P’s house
Little Z: I coming! *Rushes into car seat*

On explaining to child about why noisy toys and the appropriate volume to play them at within the house.
Little Z: Where’s my (extra loud) keyboard, car, drum set, recorder
Me: Ummm….
Little Z: But I need to play my (extra loud) toy / flute / car / drums
Me: I think the hairdryer took it….
Little Z: Oh ok….Shall we go out?
Me: Yes!

Of course it is entirely plausible that the lies we tell transform, exponentially, from little white lies into huge fantastical lies. Colourful stories spun on the spur of the moment. It is probably at this stage parenting advice may need to be reviewed. Slightly.

29 thoughts on “The Lies We Tell – AKA Excellent Parenting Advice”

  1. Haha at the hairdryer took it! I am so using that one 🙂 I told my nephew soft play was closed last week due to a broken slide as I really couldn’t face it on a weekend. Felt quite guilty about fibbing though but it was a necessary evil! #magicmoments
    Yvette recently posted…Suburban Fairy TaleMy Profile

    1. Oh soft play at a weekend is like the ultimate test of patience. I’ve had to crawl to the top of it many a time to drag Little Z back out again.

  2. Oh this was me when my children were younger – totally! However as they’ve got older, I’ve had to revise my behaviour….mainly because they don’t believe me any more! But also because I’m aware that I’m encouraging bad habits in them too. Great post!
    suzanne3childrenandit recently posted…Double FiguresMy Profile

  3. I love this so true too. I make up fibs all the time and the sillier the better. Buba seems to just accept what I say but in reality I am laughing my head off. At least we are all entertained. A little fib never hurt a child. lol Love your mcdys one! haha Thanks for linking up to Share With Me. I hope to see you again soon. #sharewithme
    Jenny recently posted…Fizzy Lemon Cocktail RecipeMy Profile

  4. Super post. I had to lie this morning and say the tooth fairy was on holiday. I have forgot her visits so many times that I have a stock pile of lies to suit the occasion, although to be fair it’s surprising that a 10 year old still believes. Unless he is lying to me so that the fairy will still leave him some money…
    Louisa recently posted…Adhesions following abdominal surgeryMy Profile

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