How to attend your brothers wedding

The last couple of weeks were fully taken over by my brothers wedding. My little brother, who’s a lot taller than me, finally tied the knot and, somehow, the “very small wedding” turned into a 4 day affair spanning over two weeks. It was a bit crazy to say the least and I learnt how to avoid the stressed out looking adults like the plague (I.e. My dad). Luckily, calm was restored pretty quickly during it, everyone relaxed and stop worrying about the small stuff and, overall, a very good time was had by all. Little Z was in play time heaven. About 20 adults to play with consisting of uncles, aunties and various grandparents. He always gets a bit confused with all their names and, for ease, they were named “Other Nani” and “Other Nana” very early on.

It was an eventful couple of weeks, and with half of the events being hosted in Birmingham, no easy feat for the faint hearted. We ended up spending the Monday after it all finished in our pyjamas for most of the day watching Room on the Broom and Mr Peabody and Sherman a number of times. It was a lot of fun though and these are just some of the highlights (and lessons learned from it all):

1. The Other Half and I made an agreement that as long as Little Z was in sight and safe we would let him do whatever the heck he wanted (within reason). We fully prepared ourselves for permanent skidding across the dance floor, which did happen on more than one occasion, and trashed clothes by the end of the night. Surprisingly our child ate most of his dinner on some of the nights and his clothes still look semi intact.

2. It will be close to impossible to keep said child away from the sweet and biscuit table. Actually, the same can be said for most adults. Sweet stuff also turns most people into blatant liars as they walk by, mouth stuffed, trying to look innocent.

3. Travelling with 30 members of your family on one coach to Birmingham is a once in a lifetime crazy experience. Both laughter and crazy levels will be at an all time high. It is also surprising how important an issue such as a stuck toilet door becomes for almost an hour of the journey. It did open in the end and no-one actually needed to use it. I’m glad we went on the coach and not the car though as originally intended.

4. There will always be that one adult that stresses about something. Anything! However minute it may be. And it will be like THE WORLD HAS ENDED! They will attract other stress heads within the vicinity who will join in and agree its all doom. DOOM! Things will calm down about 2 minutes later when a logical solution is found to the identified impending catastrophe.

5. I am excellent at running away from such situations and sneaking a cheeky strawberry into my mouth. I would have chanced it with a cupcake too but I think it would have been too noticable.

6. Little Z did in fact chance it with a cupcake, licked the icing off and somehow shared it with the back of my dress. As someone nicely put it “It looks like someone’s sneezed on the back of your dress”.

7. Seating plans have to be the most stressful thing of wedding planning. I never had one for my own one day wedding and personally think they are the work of the devil. Destiny would have me doing about 12 revisions for my brothers wedding. It was still being changed about an hour INTO the wedding. I do believe I have the bestest seating plan ever now and will pass it down through the family. They better use it.

8. The bride and groom floated about on a cloud through all the little hitches and commotion and didn’t notice anything going wrong. Exactly as the hubby and I did many years ago. Exactly as it should be.

9. You realise, through all the greeting of guests, making sure the guests are ok, and trying to stop Little Z escaping into the lift, you actually don’t eat that much during the few days of the wedding. So you stuff your face on the last do, content in the knowledge that you don’t have to fit in your dress anymore after that night. Well…maybe in the future you do. But I’ll worry about that then.

10. We met my dad’s friend, the man my brother and I called ‘The Incredible Hulk’ all the years we were growing up because he honestly looked like him so much. It’s been about 20 years since we’ve since we last met him properly and he’s definitely not as scary as we thought he was back then. He doesn’t look like the Hulk anymore either. No one would believe us that he really really used to.

11. Its so lovely to witness a couple at the start of this next journey, looking blissfully happy and full of joy. It reminds you to be both happy and grateful for all the joy you already have in your own life. Till you get home and realise your feet are killing and grouchily quip “bloomin 4 day wedding!”










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  1. oh wow it looks amazing and that sweet and dessert table!!! I think seating plans are the work of the devil too haha. Why are weddings so stressful?
    Our wedding was the day before new year’s eve and, instead of celebrating our first new year as newly weds, we were exhausted and in bed at 9pm exhausted haha.
    I love your photos
    Emma Lander recently posted…Pumpkin picking bonanzaMy Profile

  2. This looks like a (slightly stressful but) great four days, it must’ve been great to see all the family for such a great occasion. Some of your pointers made me chuckle, I think we all know some people who see the impending doom in everything that’s happening. Lovely photos. Popping by from Magic Moments.
    Coombe Mill recently posted…The Best Feed RunMy Profile

  3. What a beautiful wedding it looks like- look at those sweets. Your family sounds so close and you always are off at different parties- you lucky things! The bit about the cupcake on the back of the dress made me laugh, whenever I wear something nice it always ends up with food/snot/dribble/all of the above on it. x
    Katie @mummydaddyme recently posted…My Little Bits Of Life #4My Profile

  4. Congratulations to your ‘little’ brother and family. I can’t imagine 30 members of my family on a coach trip together. Honestly don’t think we’d all make it! Well done for avoiding stress-heads – I’ll be using that expression from now on – love it πŸ™‚ The colours of the flowers, food, headdresses etc are amazing. Ha ha viz seating plans. There is no available algorithm in existence that could crack a wedding one. Good luck to anyone who thinks they can. All the best and may they have a long and happy life together x

  5. ha ha very good post!
    and i wondered if the silent sunday photo was taken at your borhtters wedding, and now i know!
    wow what an epic wedding – i love that weddings in your cultire turn into such massive celebrations and look how beautiful you look, that final photo of you and Wee Z is gorgeous. (as are all those sweets!) xx
    jenny paulin recently posted…Chinese Style Roast Gressingham DuckMy Profile

  6. I can’t even remember the time I attended a wedding. I love organizing ours though, and YES to the table plan. Not fun and even my bridesmaids moaned as they sat down about where they were sitting πŸ™

    Great post and beautiful pictures x
    Mummy Matters recently posted…Introducing Villas.comMy Profile

  7. WOW what a wedding. Your brother knows how to party. lol Love all the fun filled photos. Those treats are amazing looking. So glad you got to all get together to celebrate such a great moment. Your family sounds super close that’s so amazing to have. Thanks for linking up to Share With Me #sharewithme
    Jenny recently posted…Halloween Edition: Me & Mine {October}My Profile

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